Hunt for US MIAs set to resume in N Korea

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    Jan 11, 2010
    THE hunt for the remains of thousands of American troops missing in action from the Korean War is about to resume in North Korea as tensions ease between the wartime enemies.
    A decade of search operations that led to the recovery and identification of 92 troops was suspended seven years ago, with the US citing concern for the security of its personnel.

    The operations are restarting as the US and North Korea also make progress in nuclear talks.

    A US ship already has taken equipment to North Korea for the searches, and a US advance team is due to arrive this month. Searches should begin in April.

    About 8000 US service members are unaccounted for from the 1950-53 war that killed about four million people in all.

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    Jack, one of the forum members on Mauser Central, LR2010 aka Layton, left for NK the first week of Feb for this mission.
    He recently returned from a successful recovery mission in VN and Laos. I doubt he'll get any pics this time, but I'll update this with their finds when he gets back.

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    Jan 11, 2010
    Prayers for all concerned , those searching and those waiting to be found and their families who wait ... bring your folks home ...
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    Jan 27, 2008
    Positively there are over 1600 burials of POW's on the hill outside of N. Korean POW camp #5 on the Yalu river. Names and location were broughtback by surviving POW's in 1953. However N.Korea has always used remains as a bargaining chip. Truman promised to use nuclear weapons in 1948 when they downsized the army to 10 half strength divisions. The marines went to one full strength combat equipped division instead of two hald strength. As a result the army in FECOM was still mostly equipped with inadequate Ww2 junk, like the 2.36 anti-tank rocket and worn out howitzers. The first battalion of 21 Inf reg't that met the N. Korean army aka "Smiths Task force", was only 400 men instead of normal battalion of 1000 men. Thank you you democrat politicians in Congress. WE all should urinate on their graves if we can't urinate in their faces.