Hunt TX Free with a Paying A-B Hunter

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  1. TF118

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    Mar 24, 2003
    We were asked to pass this information along on a new opportunity for challenged hunters.


    David Sullivan


    From H. J. Ledbetter, Jr.,

    Check out Buffalo Mountain's Buddy Hunts” program for disabled hunters. Here’s how it works. When an able-bodied hunter purchases a Basic Plus (or higher) hunting package for whitetail deer, turkey, or our other hunts, he may bring along a disabled hunter, who will receive AT NO COST WHATSOEVER the benefits of a Basic hunt package for the same species (including add-on species) as selected by the able-bodied hunter, for the same hunt dates as selected by the able-bodied hunter. The able-bodied hunter is responsible to provide hunting assistance for the disabled hunter, but they need not hunt in the same locations, or even at the same time of day. Buffalo Mountain Ranch is a handicapped-friendly facility. We have plenty of ground blinds suited to handicapped hunters, and we are willing to make changes necessary to make things work. Sorry, Buddy Hunts do not apply to bison hunts.

    I’m H. J. Ledbetter, Jr. and I would like to welcome you to Buffalo Mountain Hunts. As the name implies, we have hunts for the great North American Bison more commonly known as buffalo, but don’t stop there… we also have outstanding hunts for Whitetail deer and Rio Grande turkey. We are located upon the Callahan Divide just south of Abilene, Texas.

    Come on into our site and stay for a while. See why we think we offer some of the premier archery and black powder big game hunts for whitetail deer, Rio Grande turkeys, and buffalo in the nation. Big game hunting on Buffalo Mountain Ranch is generally restricted to archery and black-powder equipment. However, there are some exceptions: we allow modern smokeless powder shotguns for hunting turkey, quail, dove and varmints; we allow modern small-bore center fire rifles to hunt varmints; we allow modern .45-70 rifles to hunt buffalo as well. Other exceptions are on a case-by-case basis. We know that bringing a rifle on public transportation or aircraft can be difficult, so we have a limited number of black powder and smokeless rifles, shotguns, small center fire varmint rifles, for you to use. Just call to reserve one when you book your hunt. We will familiarize you with a loaner weapon at our firing range before the hunt begins. Caps and black powder are available in Abilene . Vist our website at


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    May 5, 2003

    That sounds like a sweet deal, TF!
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