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  1. goofy

    goofy Well-Known Member

    Feb 7, 2011
    This is right down my ally.
    I have allot of land both mine and I am part of a co-opp.
    We are talking over 200 acres.
    I control the co-op land for hunting the other owners are tree hugers who do not want to deal with the hunting side of things.
    So I have people asking all the time for permission to hunt on the land.
    I have found that there is few different kinds of people who ask.
    There is the locals that hunted the land years ago before we(I) owned it and feel that they have the right to hunt because they did before.They come up and just say "I will be hunting this weekend" and when they are told NO they get a attitude and say some pretty nasty stuff.And are the ones that get busted for trespassing because they go on the land anyway.
    There are the people that show up ready to hunt with guns in there hands asking "You don't mind if we go hunting on this land do you?"and they are told NO.Some of them go on anyway and get mad when they are handed trespass tickets.
    Then there are the ones that don't ask and think that because no one is around they will go on and not get caught.They get busted and get mad and again say some real nasty stuff.
    Along with the road hunters who use there truck as a blind and a spot light at night to hunt.They go to jail.
    So you see as a land owner we have to put up with allot of BS that gives us a bad taste in our mouths about people who we don't know and trust.
    Now lets get into the people who we gave permission to.(That we thought we knew).
    I would go into the woods and find trash,built tree stands(we do not allow this because it ruins the trees for harvest)Beer cans around ware they parked,and have seen them taking more then there tags allow,bringing in there friends,SO ON AND SO ON!
    They are told to leave and NOT come back!
    So because of this it is HARD to give permission to hunt on my land HARD to find someone who shows respect to both the land and the rules.
    There are a few that can come back every year these are the ones that showed up long before season(April-May) offered to help post and clear and offered to help around the land even offered to help with the taxes.
    They show respect to both me and my land and the rules.
    They are always welcome.
    I want to keep the deer population in control so I now open my land to first time Hunters and handicapped (Vets) and others this has turned out to be great!
    We (me and the hunters allowed to hunt here) take them into the woods set them up push for them and help them(when needed) get the deer, gut it, and load it out.
    So I guess what I am saying is don't get mad at the land owner when you are told no. Instead ask how or what you can do to show you are responsible and would appreciate the right to hunt on his land.
    Do this long before the season not the week before.
    Let the owner get to know you and trust you.
    Remember I have worked all my life to get this land(WORKED HARD!) and work hard to keep it.
    This is my dream come true and don't want it abused.
    But would like to make good friends and hunting partners and like others to enjoy what I have.
    With respect.
  2. robman2629

    robman2629 Active Member

    Sep 8, 2012
    Mike that is really awesome, thank you. I can understand it would be hard for people to trust a hunter when you hear of so many things happening or other people who dont respect you or your land. I will hunt public land this year and definitely take your advice for next year. I appreciate all the responses.

  3. goofy

    goofy Well-Known Member

    Feb 7, 2011
    I am not saying to give up on asking just saying that allot depends on how and when you ask.
    I am more likely to listen to you if you ask "what can I do to be able to hunt on your land" instead of "can I hunt on your land".
  4. Double D

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    Jul 16, 2009
    North Florida
    Wise for some, maybe. Frozen misery for others a certainty. ;) I "might" would visit in the summer.
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  5. Think long range.
    In the spring or maybe right after hunting season is over, ask if you can "hunt"
    with a camera. Then offer to share the pictures with the land owner. It's another
    way the land owner can get to know you and will be able to see that you appreciate
    things, including the wildlife.
    And as Goofy said, take a disabled vet hunting. It is another way to show that you
    are not just a "taker". Permission is much easier to get when you are trying to help
    someone else.

  6. Zhurh

    Zhurh Active Member

    Mar 19, 2010
    Upper Yukon, Alaska
    DD, not for everybody, just a trade off for what ya like and what ya can't take.

    Can be anywhere, it was Alaska for us; but I sure couldn't imagine living back East as jammed packed, taxed, and just what the future there holds. No joke, I figured out pretty quick how much better my life got. My only regret is that I didn't move up here when I was younger, I cheated myself for many years thinking back East just was how life was for everybody, everywhere; it really ain't reality.

    The one thing I did do was bring all of my nephews up here at Christmas when it was minus 25 when they were about ready to get outta high school. Had them out chasing caribou & wolves on snowmachine (all kinds of shootin with ARs). Had them trapping marten, ice fishing for huge lakers, and just out and about getting them stunned at the scenery and pure wilderness. One nephew is now a resident, is a PJ in AK Air Guard based in Anchorage; flys all over the place in black hawks rescuing people when he ain't in Afghan; seeing more of Alaska than I'll ever see. His brother is coming up nx fall, and his wife comes from hunting family; have him excited about killin some grizz, moose, and caribou. I had second nephew up for a few weeks 7-8 years back, he knows what it is. I got to work on the third brother some too. You know, my nephews are young, so good to see them coming here in their early 20s.
  7. Maine04657

    Maine04657 New Member

    Sep 13, 2012
    As a Maine landowner Who always swore I woudl never post my land is posted. There is a two fold reason for that here in northern Maine. First 4 wheelers they are everywhere and to many with no respect. Second law enforcement the wardens here are useless. You call the local LE's and they say hey that's wardens stuff and refuse to come out and help but they could be here inside 20 min however if you manage to call and get a actual person at the wardens office they may not show up till the next day or later not really much good when there are a dozen asshats running around you land on there 4 wheelers.

    So a few years ago I posted. I have friend who still hunt here and if someone come to my door ( though not likely as the long driveway has a gate and several signs indicating that would be a bad idea ) or call me I am happy to let most people hunt.

    I am not alone many of the folks around here do the same. As most often is the case a few bad apples ruin the whole batch.
  8. 76Highboy

    76Highboy Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2012
    Mike, you said a lot. I know what you said is true. There are ranchers and farmers who would love to have the deer and the elk thinned, but not at the risk of having their property neglected. Going up in the spring and making a game plan to help them repair fences and shot up water tanks goes a long way. One of the biggest ranchers I know has to set "Dummy" water tanks out so the road hunters will shoot those as opposed to the real tanks that he has hidden behind berms. It's always a game for him and I feel his pain especially when he finds his cattle shot.
  9. robman2629

    robman2629 Active Member

    Sep 8, 2012
    I have seen many 4 wheeler tracks and how they tear up the land, especially if it had just rained out. Luckily I havent had to deal with wardens but thats funny how you comment about them. From what we see on North Woods Law, they are pretty efficient. Its cool having another Mainer on here! Do you still hunt? It would be great to meet up with another TFF member!
  10. cpttango30

    cpttango30 Guest

    Networking. It's all about Networking. Get out and shake hands talk to people.
  11. gad1111

    gad1111 Member

    Nov 25, 2009
    Swanton, Ohio
    My 2 cents. Everything Mike said was spot on all I could add is be honest about how many people you're bringing with you. Years ago my grandpa would let anybody that asked hunt his land (91 acres, 30 woods the rest farm), they'd come and ask "can I hunt", only to find out everyone of them brought 5 to as many as 10 people with them. One year he gave 7 people permission and had over 30 crashing through the woods.

  12. CCHolderinMaine

    CCHolderinMaine Well-Known Member

    Mar 21, 2012
    Steep Falls, Maine
    I have 2 properties here in Maine and I post them both. Not generally for the hunters, but for the people that treat MY private property as THEIR private property. 4 wheelers ripping everything up or some idiot dumping his old tires. It's sad, but people are their own worst enemies. You may have to go up north if you cannot figure out someplace down in southern Maine. Check for hunting rules in the unorganized townships. You will find a place to might have to drive a bit though...
  13. robman2629

    robman2629 Active Member

    Sep 8, 2012
    I'm willing to go up north, the only thing that stinks is that I received an any deer permit for zone 21 here. You must know the area, saco, scarborough, up to around windham and sebago. That is sad that people would use your land like a dump, just to save a dollar. I'm hoping to find some place to be able to at least see a doe.
  14. Maine04657

    Maine04657 New Member

    Sep 13, 2012

    I have only had two personal dealings with Wardens both where unpleasant. One of then has been on the north woods show. Wardens of my youth where pillars of the outdoors they would talk to you help you and befriend you. The wardens of today write tickets and hate people that are out doors. Watch the first season and listen close to what they say on camera. They say more then once that if your in the outdoors your breaking the law you just have not been caught yet. Wardens in Maine have the ability to ignore the 4th. They can enter you property even when posted with out a warrant OR any just cause. You have to notify them personally to keep off your land. If you come by the Maine boards the stories are all over about there arrogance towards the people of Maine. I have NEVER even received a ticket as I do not break the law. The fact that I understand Maine laws pisses them off to no end. Wardens are forbidden on my property both at my home and my blueberry land.
  15. CCHolderinMaine

    CCHolderinMaine Well-Known Member

    Mar 21, 2012
    Steep Falls, Maine
    Yes, I'm a bit familiar with the area...I was born in Scarborough. Scarborough is impossible without knowing someone. Shotguns only East of route one as you mentioned. There are lots of dear in Scarborough despite all the development. Your best bet is up around the Windham and Sebago area. Zone 21 is tough if you don't know anybody, it's probably about the most densly populated suburban area in the state, but it is full of deer.
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