hunting dog help please.

Discussion in 'The Hunting & Fishing Forum' started by remington1990, Aug 2, 2012.

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    OK - My wife has bred purebred dogs for decades and knows every breed of dog there is. So, I asked her to be on the safe side before I posted this (pretty much knowing the answer). There is no answer until you define the parameters you want the dog to meet.

    First - what do you want to hunt with your dog? A dog for bird hunting isn't going to be very good at deer or bear hunting. Dog breeds were created over time for specific traits. If I want to hunt squirrels I wouldn't expect a retriever to help - it's not in their nature to go after squirrels. Terriers are better at that and most specifically Airedales.

    The Airedale was created as mans all around general purpose breed and I'll guarantee you they will go after anything small. Badgers, raccoon's, squirrels - doesn't matter. So, for what you seem to be aiming for, get an Airedale.

    Lastly, it is unlikely that you will find a dog 2 or 3 years old who already knows just what to do with you and what you want from him/her. You really should get one as a pup and train it. Then, when you go hunting your dog will always know what to expect and what to do for you. Airedales are also fantastic friends!
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    CJ, my experience was that high priced dogs were way more driven, often would tree coon within a minute or two; no fun for me to listen to them work the coon. Main thing to me was the higher priced dogs were 3-4 thousand, pups were $300-500 and them you had to train. They were harder to train as they were more apt to see deer in an orchard and take off after them; might as well just shoot them after that. LOwer priced pleasure dogs were straighter, run off game almost never as they were not as driven to get something, no joke, my experience.

    I got my first dog, a blk & tan 6 year old bitch from a junk man who had bought an estate and dog came with deceased man's place. The junk man and I walked out in the woods behind his place and the dog didn't want to hunt, no coon in the air I do believe. So junk man sold me blk & tan and said I could pay him whenever 200 bucks or shoot the dog if it repeated again what it did that night. I went out the following night with the blk & tan and got 11 coon and needless to say paid the junk man off the nx day.

    Get to know coon hunters in area, meet beagle hunting club members, then decide what ya want to hunt. Just in the end get a dog and start hunting, it's an awful bunch of enjoyment. I've never had a good dog that would hunt a bunch of different animals; they dogs got shot pretty quick, after they came back with a mouth full of quills.
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