Hunting near ranch concerns Brokaw

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    LIVINGSTON, Mont. (AP) -- Lawyers for "NBC Nightly News" anchorman Tom Brokaw want a judge to require the Montana Board of Outfitters review a decision that allows a Wyoming outfitter to guide big-game hunting trips on land next to Brokaw's Montana ranch.

    "The complaint we have is safety, plain and simple," Clifford Edwards, a Billings attorney representing Brokaw, told District Judge Nels Swandal at a hearing Friday. "Tom and (wife) Meredith are not anti-hunting -- they are concerned for their safety."

    On Sept. 1, the Board of Outfitters granted Wyoming outfitter David Nelson's request to take up to 10 hunters onto 2,500 acres of private land bordering the Brokaws' West Boulder Ranch during archery season, court records said.

    Wayne Johnston, executive officer for the state Board of Outfitters, said the Brokaws allow bird hunting on their property with shotguns, but are trying to stop neighbors from allowing archery hunts.
    "The Brokaws are trying to tell their neighbors who they can and cannot allow on their property and for what reasons," Johnston said. "It seems like an infringement on their neighbor's property rights."

    The neighbors were not identified.

    West Boulder Ranch caretakers Karen and Doug Campbell testified Friday that increased hunting would put them, the Brokaws and their guests in harm's way.

    "I'm terrified someone will get shot," Karen Campbell said, adding she was "not so sure" outfitters knew their client's hunting skills well enough to ensure the Brokaws' safety.
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    If it's only during archery season, what's the real problem?????

    They can say they are anti but it sounds otherwise to me, loudly and clearly!

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