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    Hi guys, im fairly new here, and have some questions about a General Motors Hydra Matic M16 rifle i purchased about 2 months ago.

    i succesfully converted mine from a full sized M16 to a "baby size" . bought a rock river arms handguard, grip, and buttstock, to complete the conversion. range tested it with about 120 rounds, and so far, it was jam-free.

    do any of you guys own one? or have heard about this gun?

    what is this gun worth?

    how is this gun's performance?

    thank you in advance. any advice, or information will be deeply appreciated. i am from manila, by the way

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    Re: Hydra-Matics?
    Welcome nunz!

    Try our NFA forum, Doc or one of the others may be
    able to answer your questions, if not send me a PM.

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    will do that Tac401 , thanks

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