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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 358 winchester, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. 358 winchester

    358 winchester *TFF Admin Staff*

    Apr 25, 2004
    Pensacola Fl. area
    Hello all
    I just got home from the three day Glock shoot on our range, it was a Great Shoot
    226 Shooters lots of help and went as smooth as silk. I will try to get all caught up and back on track in the next day or two.
  2. Well welcome back Ron...reckon I'm going ta have ta try a Glock out sometime...;)

  3. Ron, was there any particular preference among the shooters towards one Glock model over another? Just curious.
  4. catfish83861

    catfish83861 Active Member

    Nov 15, 2006
    North Idaho
    Dang Ron, Was you gone?:eek::confused:, Well, welcome back we missed you!:eek:;) All BS aside , glad the shoot went well. catfish
  5. pickenup

    pickenup Active Member

    I was going to use the Glock you sent me (her) to shoot a Glock match earlier this year. (wife said it was OK) Can't get the darn thing to shoot right. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

    Good to hear the match went smooth.
    How many Glocks were given away?
  6. Took you 3 days to run out of gas, Ron? You get pretty good mileage! :D

    Glad it went well. I have worked some big matches here & it is a Labor of Love. Hope your efforts were appreciated, Brother.

    Take the night off & get back to posting tomorrow! I was getting bored. :)
  7. glocknut

    glocknut Active Member

    All this talk of Glocks has me arroused.... :D

  8. yeah mike, they were glocks everywhere but i had my satin nickle colt combat commander on so the presence of a real gun could be felt by all there, ha ha ha, just kidding, i was only there for about half of yesterday because i got called in to work but everyone was doing their part and things went pretty smooth. maybe if we still have the range next year and we have a n w fl ballistic challenge III i will get to shoot it. we do have a first gen 17 that i bought for the wife. she likes it so maybe she will leave my 1911's alone,(yeah right)
  9. 358 winchester

    358 winchester *TFF Admin Staff*

    Apr 25, 2004
    Pensacola Fl. area
    Every make and model was used no one model was preferred over others
    Picken up it could be your home made little loads :D
    You should have seen all the excitement over the Winchester 94 (lighter) I gave away this summer on HATR :D:D:D:D
    We will be having the Glock shoot again in 2008