I better get ready

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 68c15, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. 68c15

    68c15 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Nov 22, 2011
  2. woolleyworm

    woolleyworm Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2009
    SW Fort Worth
    I wonder what part of "sentenced to 55yrs" means that they "are mandated" to release him on the 30th of this month. I can see if he's not a threat to society, but to have laws that stipulate a mandatory early release is a crock of poo.

    I will send my prayers for everyones safety in that area.

  3. howlnmad

    howlnmad Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Nov 26, 2008
    Harriman, Tn
    That is just messed up.

    What kind of system do they have up there?
  4. I bet he would look Great threw my Opitics @ 200 yds!

    OK somebody that knows computers better than me,
    Lets see what the target would look like. :bleh:

    Piece of Sheet like him :devilish: I could Squeeze the Trigger! :AR15firing:

    And I'm SURE I'm NOT the Only one!
    I have a 12 yr old & trust me,
    I WOULD do more than just Shoot HIM if it was MY kid! :AR15firing: NADS First!

    Capt. Mac
  5. Bindernut

    Bindernut Well-Known Member

    Oct 24, 2007
    ND, USA
    Yeah, I saw that on the news too. I was pretty young back in '81 don't remember that particular case when it happened but it doesn't sound good.

    It's messed up. That's why we keep armed watch on the state line. ;)
    Just kidding 68c15!
    I'm almost as much a SD resident as a ND resident. I live just north of the border not too far from Aberdeen, and our school district straddled the border with both SD and ND kids until the school closed for small enrollment.

    I really hope that the Sec. of Corrections takes a good long look at the second half of Statute 24-2-18 and denies the SOB early release.
    I already contacted the DoC and notified a few of my SD friends and neighbors to do the same and voice their concerns.
    SD Department of Corrections
  6. cpttango30

    cpttango30 Guest

    Have gun will travel.
  7. gun runner

    gun runner Former Guest

    Nov 23, 2011
    South Texas
    yep :cool:
  8. Archie

    Archie Active Member

    Having been in prison, I'd venture to say his attitude toward others has NOT improved.

    He is being released per the letter of the law. Prudent people are already prepared for emergencies in general.

    However. Any comments showing a specific and predetermined course of action against any particular person could be construed as malicious intent. One is always advised to keep one's words soft and sweet - as one may have to eat them.
  9. gun runner

    gun runner Former Guest

    Nov 23, 2011
    South Texas
    Commented on wrong post :)
  10. armoredman

    armoredman Active Member

    Gents, I've worked in prison for 10 years. He's nobody special. We release scum like or worse every day. 96% of ALL inmates WILL be released someday, and they WILL be moving into neighborhoods like or near yours. Always be as prepared as you can, best thing you can do.

    And people ask me why I carry a gun...I look into the face of Evil every day, and Evil gets out on parole next Tuesday...
  11. 68c15

    68c15 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Nov 22, 2011
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