I bit the AK! (STOLEN??? RETURNED!!!)

Discussion in 'The Pre-Ban Forum' started by Crpdeth, Feb 3, 2007.

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    Sep 7, 2007
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    I am glad this worked out. I was on the other end of a police find several years ago. I had my house broken into and several guns taken. About 6 years later I get a call from the police department saying that I can come pick up my gun, it was recovered during a simple traffic stop - not three miles from my house!!
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    Feb 3, 2007
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    Don't know how they do it in Texas, but here they have cops called The Pawn Shop Detail. Every week they hit every pawn shop in town. They take the numbers of every gun he has taken in since they were there last (pawned or bought) and run them. Every gun. The only way that a stolen gun could not be found in a pawn shop would be if the thief pawned it, and it was more than a week later that it was reported stolen.

    So, the thief pawns the gun. How is this the pawn shop guy's fault? Some years back my daughter called me. Said her gun had been stolen, what should she do? I told her to call the cops. Asked her if she had the SN. She said no. I told her I did, and to get a piece of paper. A few days later she calls me. Pawn Shop Detail found it. It was in "this" pawn shop. Ex-wife's boyfriend pawned it (unbelievable, ain't it, that her mama stole her gun?). Wasn't the pawn shop guy's fault. Donnie's fault. Sara's fault. She stole it and he sold it, knowing it was stolen.
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    Nice weapon! Looks like a lot of fun, sks collector here.
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    Very good looking wood on that one, however, I never cared for the feel of the thumb hole stock.
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    Well, the way it was conveyed to me is that the pawn broker calls in the numbers to a guy at our local PD, the LEO then runs those numbers. In this case a number or letter was transposed during that particular call, giving the impression that it was a clean weapon.

    How is it the "pawn shop guys fault"? Well, it is clear in my case, but the way they do it in your town (In my opinion) needs to be revised... Those numbers should be called in before a trade is even made, in all pawn shops.

    Albeit, I'm afraid that SOME pawn brokers couldn't care less whether it is stolen or not as long as they get a good deal on it... Not saying these guys I dealt with are like that, I think they are on the up and up, but due to the way they shuffled around and couldn't look my brother in the eye and tell him that things would be "made good" one way or another, we'll have to shop elsewhere from now on, as will a growing number of family, friends and acquaintances... I stand behind the work that I do and I expect no less from the people I trade with.

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    Glad things turned out well for ya Donny.
    I had a bunch of tools stolen. About $4 grand worth of hand & power tools. They were pawned. The cops found them and asked me to go to the pawn shops ( 3 ) to I.D. my stuff.
    All of the shop owners, to a man, were way less than helpful and were not happy to see me. :( :mad:
    Thankfully I had given a good ID of the tools to the cops beforehand and had their backup. :)

    Write down your serial numbers. Thats what saved me. ;)

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    Lets hope our Uncle wont be the next thief!