I don’t want to be Navy..

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    | Del All I don’t want to be Navy..

    Read this Topic, I know many Guns from GenoG, Mrstand, Catcher and Chiefs pointed toward me. But what the heck, this is the true:
    My entire military career was in Mekong Delta, many of our GunShip missons were to cover Navy ship to patrol or cargo around small rivers, canals .
    Anytime we got hit with the enemies while covering:
    For us : we could see up there to shot them right back. Navy: they just returnd the fire to that direction, sometimes see none down there.
    we could break away then go back to fire when it to heavy groundfire, they have to keep run slowly with formation on small canal to fightback.
    We could “zizag” on the open air to avoid fire, they had to keep on the water straight one line, and an one, and a two, and a three.. have to go for it.

    I really told myself that time “I don’t want to be Navy..”
    That why I loved your Guys.


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    | Del Re: I don’t want to be Navy..
    We appreciated your air cover and support. We made a pretty good target in those waters.

    Geno G
    God Bless America

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    Re: I don’t want to be Navy..
    Guns...my AO was in and around SaDec. We patroled all of the many canals that bridgeworked that area along the mighty Mekong River and I believe that one was SongTien and the other Song Hau Giang...I forget.

    Did you provide close air support for the 9th ARVN division there...how about for any of the MAT Teams or SEAL's ? The area in and around Sadec is beautiful...Phu Thuan, Tan Thuan, Tan Thanh...My Loi. How about Cao Lanh and Vinh Long?

    I remember some but not all at all. Some of the villes had small hamlet's that were in the vicinity and were numbered along with the larger Ville...I believe My Loi had, My Loi 2 and My Loi 3 and so forth.

    I'm with you Guns...hate to be in the Army or Navy and have a ARA gunship bearing down on me.
    ...and two hard boiled eggs.

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    | Del Re: I don’t want to be Navy..
    Hey Guns,

    It takes all kinds....thinking about you guys hitting a hot LZ
    and taking all sorts of shit from the bushes...made us appreciate our little boats/junks at times....We worked a lot with HAL3 and VAL4, and where they were really appreciated was when we needed fire support and when we needed someone to lift wounded out.....those helicopter folks worked right into one of the Navy mottoes...."Black Berets and Balls of Brass."

    Appreciate your service....praise your valor....remember your dedication......


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    | Del > I don’t want to be Navy..
    I don't believe you still remember these places.
    Yes I provide many air support for the 9th ARVN division, headquater at Cao Lanh that time and cover some special missions for SEAL & Special forces but we could not have the details for that.
    These places you posted here, I were been there so many times .. I really loved to be Chopper Guns, we can work very close with our troop, could help alot to our friend forces down there.. sometimes forgot about my big bird ass.. heart-broken to remember these war hell times, but loving time, these fun times, these sad times, every things , never have that back.. I really missed.


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    | Del Re: > I don’t want to be Navy..


    There is no saying more appropriate than: " It Was The Best Of Times. It Was The Worst Of Times"

    and everyone has their own meaning of that.

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    Re: > I don’t want to be Navy..
    So true Guns and Dave. Met some good people and some good times and then the opposite...we all can attest to that I would think.

    Can't recall the names of the islands in that area Guns, don't even know if they have any and we never ever went out on them...we did call one VC Island but that was in jest. When I go back...and I will one day...I'm headin for my old AO, SaDec.

    I'm happy for ya Guns...that you made it to America. So many of your country men, those that braved the war...never made it out.
    Damn shame Buddy!
    ...and two hard boiled eggs.
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