I finally scored some primers!!

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  1. Well the wait is over. I got let off work early today because one of the machines ate a bearing and it will take two days to replace it. The entire mill is shut down because of this and I get some time off while they get it fixed. Anyway I decided to go to a nearby sporting goods store to see what they had. I was excited when I saw their sign because it said they had .380 ammo in stock. I thought maybe I'd get lucky and they would have primers too. Boy did they! There were cases and cases of Remington and CCI primers in every configuration. They had a few Federal primers too. There were at least 6 cans of each type of powder they stocked as well. They had some bullets too. There were 2 RCBS presses and about a half dozen case tumblers too. I snagged a 1000 large rifle and 1000 small pistol primers before heading over to the gun counter to scope out the inventory. They had at least a dozen AR type rifles and probably that many AK's too. Prices were a little high still but I didn't see what brand's were available so they may have not really been that high after all. There was a lot of ammo too, including 380 and 9mm. I was so excited about getting primers that I didn't really look too closely at anything else. Hopefully I'll be reloading tomorrow!:D
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    Congratulations on your find, have fun reloading.

  3. Thanks! It is raining here today so I am getting all my stuff out so I can play! I am goinng to get started working up some loads with the new primers for my .30-06 and .25-06. Then I'll work on some 9mm since I found a few 115 gr FMJ bullets a guy gave me when I bought some dies off him a few months ago. I had forgotten about them and was telling my wife that I needed to get some 9mm bullets to start reloading pistol ammo and then I found them while looking through my supplies. I like little suprises like that!!
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    I read your post , looking for the punch line. Glad to hear this shortage garbage may be clearing up. My back order is still out there some place. coming up on 6 months..
  5. Nope, no punch line. I really got some primers!! Hopefully the shortages are coming to an end. I have seen a lot more ammo recently than in the past few monts also.
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    You lucky bastard you. Every gunshop remains out of stock around here. And i have been waiting on backorders since june...:(
  7. This shop actually had a lot of reloading supplies. They had about equal amounts of Remington and CCI primers of all sizes. I can understand them having plenty of Remington stuff cause there is a Remington factory about 20 miles or so from the store I was at. They also had a lot of powder. It may not last though because they were pretty busy.
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