I learned something last night

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    Firing off 12 gauge shells with no shot in them makes a hell of a mess.

    To elaborate. I went trap shooting on Sunday. And one of my boxes had a few shells with no powder. OOPS. Thankfully it was late in the day and I was the only one shooting. So I tossed the box in my bag and shot off another round. So what to do with the compromised shells. Well hulls round here believe it or not are hard to come by. So since lead is so expensive I thought I'd pry open the crimp and dump out the lead. Then shoot out the wads to save the hulls. Well that works ok but apparently some of the shells did have powder and sense there was no load alot of powder went unburnt and got into everything. Used an entire can of Hoppes barrel blaster to clean all the parts out. To be honest I'm not sure it was worth the work to save 20 hulls:mad:
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