I Like It

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  1. Hey Guys

    Just a quick updateon my power custom hammer sear kit install.

    I Like It !!!!

    I scared the crap outta me on the first trigger pull. I didn't think that you could get a .22 trigger to ever feel that good. I think that it will be more accurate.

    I will be posting pics soon just finished shooting the roll. Going to develope today.

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    Aug 21, 2002
    Tulsa, OK

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    It does make a difference!
  4. Hey!...

    riderbob, Post up some pic's when ya can!...;)
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    which kit did you get?
    How much was it? (Right from the site or what?)

    Friend w/ 10/22 might want one.


  6. heres the pics I promised

    Hi guys

    Z I got the kit from Midway. It contains the hammer, sear, shims,new pins, hammer spring and others in trigger group.
    I was 54.00 inc shipping.

    Here are the pics of my .22's

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  7. Whoa !!!

    Man that is way to huge of a pic . What did I do? I think I try to fix before i post other pics.

    Sorry Rider
  8. Ok lets try this

    Heres the reduced pics.

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  9. and another

    And another

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  10. Hey...!...

    riderbob,Ya'll got some nice WMD's...Do they shoot?...;)
  11. WMD ??


    What is a WMD? I am not used to all the slang yet.

  12. Sorry!

    rider...it's ...WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction)...;)
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    Rider, that ain't slang... that's The Law [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. Now i get it

    Thanks for the info. I just have never associated .22 with weapons of mass destruction. More for pest control and plinking.


    Yes, they all shoot I will be posting some targets soon (I hope) for the postal match. I has been a while since I shot the old hex barrel pump winchester. It was my only .22 for a lot of years. I retired it when I got my other .22's. It belonged to my grandfather and I inherited it when he died. It has always had a special place in my heart. It always got what he aimed for and worked to the same extent for me. It will be fun to get out and shoot it again. My grandfather told me he bought the rifle and a case of shells for $30.00 or so when he was a pup.
    The little ruger with the red dot is my next progect I am gathering info on to see what type of build I want to do. The black one is just about where I want baring a few tuneing tricks and such.

  15. rider...

    Iwas admiring it...I thought it was a Win. 1890, want one and am still looking around. What kind of accuaracy does it have...?