I Like the .357 Sig!

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  1. Some call the .357 Sig a bastard caliber that fits in nowhere useful. I beg to differ. I would argue that the .357 Sig is one of the very best calibers out there for self-defense purposes, superceding both the 9mm and the .40 S&W. It will do anything either of these calibers will, and do it more efficiently and more reliably. The bottleneck design of the round makes feeding issues almost a thing of the past. A 9mm bullet pushed to 1500 fps at the muzzle is devastating on human targets, and far more effective than either the 9mm or the .40. I have shot more than 1500 rounds of .357 Sig through my Glock 33 without a single misfire or failure to feed. I suspect this caliber will continue to grow in popularity as more shooters discover its virtues.

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  2. wolfgang2000

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    Dec 10, 2005
    Mountain Grove MO.
    I agree with you. The 357sig is a fine round that duplicates the ballistics of the 357mag. I also like the idea of a caliber change by just replaceing the barrel.

    If I could I would swap my 9mm for 357sig I would. But the money is not there. So I will stick with my 9's.

  3. BobMcG

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    Don't own one but it should be an awesome round.
  4. Kahr

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    Nov 8, 2005
    Covington, GA.
    I've got no problems with it. How do you feel about .45 GAP? Also a fairly bastard caliber.
  5. tireman

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    Dec 4, 2001
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    i have a 357 sig in a sp 2340 sig pro----my favorite handgun i think the 357 sig will cath on i can get the ammo reasonable----gun has always worked great----great new round-- turns some heads at the range
  6. meandmy45s

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    Apr 22, 2006
    I really like the round, but I don't like the difference in price when it comes to shooting it. That's why I haven't changed over...YET.
  7. HadEmAll

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    Apr 15, 2004
    I'm know it's a fine round for penetrating window glass and car doors, but I don't believe for a second it's a better round than the .40 for my purposes, which would be self defence against human beings. I have 6 .40s of 6 different manufacture, and have never had the first feeding problem with any of them. That's 100 percent reliable, and can't be topped. Don't know how you calculate the more efficient part, as a 9mm to the cranium would probably cost a lot less for the one round it took. I AM trying to figure which of the 6 .40s I want to get a 357 SIG barrel for so I can try the round. But I am also going to test it for overpenetration in soft targets, which I would be worried about.
  8. I do like the .357 Sig It is a great round when Compact is needed for Glocks and XD's. My carry preference is .45acp or .40S&W
    How ever if I were to get a compact I would probably opt for a .357 sig due to the recoil a .45 has in a small compact.
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    Oct 18, 2003
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    Southernshooter, I shoot a lot of .45ACP, in a variety of pistols, from 6" long slides, to compact (3") Officer's model, and Detonics, pistols
    Forget the recoil, and line up the sights; if the first round is on target, it is also the last round, which has the effect of reducing recoil by about 86%(one round vs seven): this is the 'why' of the .45ACP.
    The .45, and the .38 S&W Spl, are, with little arguement, the most accurate, and most shot, rounds on the planet
    Either attribute could support the other.
    Either, well placed, will and does, 'stop the action', right now.
    Long ago, and far away, my "life insurance policy" was a Model 60 Smith, 2", Carried in my 'Tigers' leg pocket. We had better, even then, but none so resistant to the weather, and service, in Southeast Asia, so it was my choice.
    It was under powered, under sized, and had poor sights, to boot; but, it cost nothing to carry, and was always there. Had I the option, then, of a Detonics, or Colt Officers Model, in .45, it would have been a tough choice!
    Every 'care package', from the States, had another box of ammo (SuperVel), inside, along with the cookies, and the little gun saved my a**, and that of others, several times, up in the highlands.
    My point (I know that I am rambling) is that energy is not the issue, nor caliber, within reasonable limits. That little smith 'turned off the lights' for several of the 'biggest, baddest, mofo in the valley' types, during my 31 month 'vacation' with absolutely no complaints, whatsoever.
    For such purposes, I require a totally reliable, consistantly accurate, weapon; power level is a secondary consideration. On occasion, I've gone
    really light, with a Beretta M-70-s, in .22 LR, at little disadvantage, but with reservations, as to caliber. Funny; well shot, they fall down, too.
    I believe the crux of this thread to be somewhat 'off target', in that, my life experiences have shown me that accuracy, not energy, determines the outcome of these kinds of situations.
  10. My gun is a .45acp and I am great with it.
    If I was to get a compact from my personal experience of the two cartridges that I would be able to follow up with a second shot to a different target in less time than recoiling from a .45acp.
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  11. Kentuckian

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    Jun 6, 2006
    I've put a few thousand rounds through my G31 and have had no problems.

    Easy to reload, too.
  12. Yes it is, Kentuc, and that is definitely a virtue since commercial ammo for the .357 Sig is usually priced higher than the more common stuff. I carry my G33 quite often.