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  1. skullfr

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    Jul 11, 2012
    Technology is great but it aint always good.I have some chronic conditions.My drs always give me "the speech".Im use to it.Now they gave me a device called the "health Buddy".This connects to my router and ask me a series of questions and my blood pressure.Now the dang nurse calls me and gets on me bout smoking,salt and other things.I feel like pitchin it sometimes.I got rid of my last girlfriend for less aggravation.If I want to hear nagging Ill just get remarried.This aint once in awhile but almost daily.Then the freakin thing acts a fool and I got to deal with the tech idiots.Not like my blood pressure aint bad enough.I have to keep my nitro pills on hand.I aint figgered out how to use them as a weapon yet.They put me on coumadan and it was cool until I found out it was rat poison.I swear these folk are trying to kill me.My last surgery they removed the veins in my arms to put in my leg.That was rough but I was fine with it till I saw when they stapled my arm they didnt line up the tattoo.That is just basic sewing.The nurses laugh but it aint funny.I love the tat.At least the surgean that cut off my leg wrapped my tat around the stump.She took pride in her work.I love and respect the VA med staff but sometimes they just stomp on my last nerve.
  2. ampaterry

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    Dec 20, 2008
    West Tennessee
    Man, I feel for you! My experience with the VA was really good, but I know many guys with horror stories.

    One thing I know about which you need to keep in mind.
    I know someone on medicare who refused a doctor recommended treatment.
    Several things that went wrong with them after that got blamed on that refusal, and medicare would NOT COVER those due to that.

    Be sure to at least PRETEND to follow their directives, or you could end up in a fix.

    Cumidin is in rat poison, true. It cases the blood to clot less, and the amount given to a rat causes them to bleed to death. For people with a danger of troubles caused by excess blood clotting, it is a very good medicine, as it is gauged to REDUCE clotting to a safe level.

    A mis-aligned tat!!
    Man, I would be IRATE too, but chiin up, brother - tats blur a bit with age, and it will be less noticable as time passes -

  3. skullfr

    skullfr New Member

    Jul 11, 2012
    I dont consider it horror stories really.I get great care and take me meds.I just got a lil pissy when they wouldnt own up to who did the bad staple job.I also had a young anestesiologist knock out my 2 front teeth.I understand things happen,all I wanted was for them to own up to it.I aint mad,I just wanted an explanation and maybe an Im sorry.I can live with that.It sucks when ya wake up in ICU and find all these things and ya cant do nothing about it.
  4. skullfr

    skullfr New Member

    Jul 11, 2012
    here is the bad tat tat.jpg
  5. Double D

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    Jul 16, 2009
    North Florida
    Cumadin is a hard one to regulate and you have to be real careful while on it. As for your other issues, I am sorry to hear that, I use the VA myself and normally receive good care there. WOW, your tat is way off!
  6. Conman

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    Dec 30, 2010
    Eastern Iowa
    I am terribly sorry to hear about the way you were treated.

    There is absolutely no excuse for messing up you tat!!

    Talk about "I don't care!", "I'm busy, ya de ya de ya".

    I am retired military and have made it a point to stay as far away from the VA hospitals as possible!!

    Never been to one and am not going to start now!
  7. jedwil

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    Sep 11, 2009
    Texas Hill Country
    Suck it up.............
  8. skullfr

    skullfr New Member

    Jul 11, 2012
    I by no means consider it horrible and have had worse in private.They take good care of me and my surgeon is a wonderful lady.The VA is really working on things and do an excellent job.IT is a learning hospital for Baylor and the young ones really do care and are sweet,especially the hot young women drs.Just like any other medical place you have a few that have attitude problems.When this crops up I handle it myself.It scares the hell outa them when a crazy old vet gets mad.I had an uppity doc bout poop himself when I stood up and said in a low stern voice if he didnt give me my smokes back we was gonna have a big problem.After repeated stays the nurses know not to mess with me.Pays to have a rep.My surgeon says I am a tough old man.Two days after the last surgery I wheeled myself to the cafeteria,got my coffee,went outside to smoke,toting an IV pole in 1 hand coffee in the other pulling my self with 1 leg down 5 floors.
  9. jstgsn

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    Nov 1, 2009
    Milford, Delaware
    I can't understand how anyone could be upset with the VA medical units.

    like hell I am.

    My father served in the marines in WWII and landed on Iwo Jima twice. The second time was after he was wounded during the second wave and they patched him up and sent him back again. He didn't need much from them until he retired from the rail road. Then when he went to them and complained about some pain in his back, they bounced him around from doctor to doctor until the cancer had half eaten him alive. Then it was too late. The VA doctors never checked to see what was causing the pain, just refered him back and forth. My personal opinion is they ignored him and let him die.
    He was one of the bravest men I have ever met and one of the reasons I do not want the government to be in charge of health care.
    I am sorry you are going through this. My prayers are with you.
  10. skullfr

    skullfr New Member

    Jul 11, 2012
    shoulda known a Texan would call me a pansie.LOL
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