I see Midway Usa is having their reloading sale

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  1. LesBaer1911

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    Jan 16, 2011
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    I have a Dillon XL 650 that I just got the conversion from 9mm to 45 ACP. I am not happy with the 45ACP crimp die. It was so bad I thought it was defective. They sent me another one and it ios the same. When I crimp it to the specs I got from trusted sources and it looks like qa small knife edge at the tip where the end of the swc and the barass meet. It is not cutting the lead bullet nd it is a perfect chambr fit for my Les Baer SWC bulls eye gun. I just do not like the fiunished look. I have tried backing off on the crimp and the bullet will not chamber. I do nopt or need to go any tighter or I will start to gt a roll crimp. I am at .4725 inches. I am using new brass for the break in. I talked with Dillon and the one pro said to tighten the crimp to .468 or 9. I went to 9 qnd only made 10 of them as I knew they woulod not work. I maked them with a diffrent color maker and 5 out of the 10 spit when I went to se make the bulets. I have a very modest bell from my powder funnel. It is just enough that the bullt sits on the bullet. I have loqded over 10,000 bullet on this press so I do know how to use it.
    What I would like is to find a new crimp die to try. or a couple. Does anyone have a recommendation?
    Thank you all very much for listening to my ramble.
    Please help me out, I was so sore in the back I did not make it to my bulls eye league tonight. I have to really be hurting to miss a league night.

  2. LesBaer1911

    LesBaer1911 New Member

    Jan 16, 2011
    Rochester, NY
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    Here is one of my Hornady 185gr XTP's crimped to .4725, this die is the standard 7/8 and has a tad more threading on the body than other dies I have used. This should work great in your Dillon... Also look around on E bay for really great prices, picked one up myself for $17 new.

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