I take your challenge and increase it 2x.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mosin_Nagant_Fan, Aug 24, 2009.

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    This is a challenge to all of you.

    The challenge is funny videos. You have to produce a video 2x funnier then the last (to you, you wouldn't know what the others might think, which is fine), the genre is of course some form of comedy, but try to keep it clean(ish). Be creative, don't want it to be dull or droll. (You don't have to explain the video, unless it's something you think others might not know about)

    I'll start: This is a Parody about a Japanamation called Code Geass. Someone overlayed the video and modified the animation to look like an old 1990's arcade fighting game and added audio from a Street Fighter game.


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    :D:D:D:D I had a group of guys hunting on a lease we had some years ago. This very thing happened. The guy had a Remington 700 and loaded the gun to capacity and that was all the ammo he took that morning. We all had radios and after the second shot he get on the radio and says "I can't believe it, I am shooting dead on the deer is less than 50 yrds and i missed twice" The rest of us didn't know what to say. Bang another shot. Did you get him? NO! He's just standing there! I radio to him and said site down the bbl to center mass. Bang missed again. finally the heavy 8 pt ran off. When we got back to camp we noticed the bell of his scope was literally bent down. The rifle was so off it was not funny. He has no clue what happened to his rifle.

    Back to the video. it looks like the guy was trying to shoot for the neck.
    After the second try why not just shoot for center mass.
  4. Suwannee Tim

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    Feb 11, 2009
    My cousin shot a deer dead center of the chest right through the heart. After we got the deer taken care of we decided to do some shooting. His rifle was hitting two feet to the left and two feet high at 50 yards.


    Florida wildlife officers will set up a deer archery target and stake it out waiting for someone to take a shot at it from a road. People will often shoot five or six times.:D
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  5. Not even going to ask:eek:
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    They do that here in PA too Tim and yes the morons shoot and shoot
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    I think they set up decoys in most states. They do here, but that doesn't stop idiots from target practicing from their cars on deer or cattle. No joke.
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