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    Jan 27, 2008
    Hi! I'm new to this forum, and joined in the hope someone out there knows about a flintlock rifle maker. The weapon in consideration is a .40 caliber full rifle, approximately 5' long, full stock, octagon barrel, brass furniture. The rifle is plain, has dark wood with some light figuring, and the lock is unnamed. Barrel is a brown patina, shows some very light pitting on the exterior, and the touch hole shows some deterioration as well. Bore is decent. On top of the barrel flat the name "Lutz" is engraved. I have no idea if this is an original 1840's gun, or if it is a reproduction. If it is a reproduction, it is a darn good one! Lock works, all parts function, and it appears to be a shooter.

    If anyone has any information, I'd be most appreciative! I can be reached at the e-mail in my profile, or you can respond here. Anybody know "Lutz"? Thanks!

    Mikey L
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    Nov 1, 2009
    Your rifle might have been made by William Lutes/Lutz of Kentucky. He worked in KY from about 1805 until about 1835, when he moved west to Missouri. I have only seen two guns made and signed by him, and both have the first initial "W" present ahead of the last name. Your gun, if 5 ft. or 60 inches, must have about a 44 inch barrel, which would be expected of his earlier guns. The butts on his guns usually had a straight top or comb line, and a straight bottom, or toe, line. His guns usually had six groove rifling, when you look into the muzzle and count the grooves. I would have to see some pictures of the gun, one of the front side, and one of the back side, showing from the butt plate up to about a foot past the lock plate area, to really identify the gun for you, but there weren't many gunsmiths named Lutz/Lutes. If you want to correspond more on this rifle, I'm at Shelby Gallien
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