Identifying a Spanish 44 S&W Special

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    May 5, 2003
    Emmaus, PA
    My wife's grandfather has a spanish copy of a S&W Hand Ejector in 44 special. Markings are P. Aranzabal Eibar (Espana). The barrel is marked "for 44 special and US Service Ctg". Proof marks are of the letter R in a circle with small rectangle on top of it. S/n is 322,XXX.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to when it was made, if it's safe to shoot (I'm a 44 special fan), and it's value (i'm guessing not much but you never know).

    Thanks in advance!

    Take care, and RKBA!

  2. Hey!

    Welcome!...bb45c...I will look it up and check around...but, I reckon the "Doc"...will be around before long, also...:)

  3. Well, Bob's the Spanish gun expert, but I'll try. The proof you mention is a Spanish proof used since the 20's as a final proof for revolvers.

    For some reason, the name Pedro Aranzabal sticks in my mind. I do know that there was a gunmaker in the Eibar region called 'Trocaola Aranzabal y Cia' who made copies of the S&W Hand Ejector in various calibers including .44 Special. Perhaps they are linked...

    In any event, the quality of these S&W copies are almost uniformly poor. I would have it checked throughly by a gunsmith before attempting to shoot it.
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    The Aranzabal family was prolific in the firearms industry in the Eibar region of Spain - they either ran their own small shops making handcrafted shotguns and handguns, or worked with larger concerns (such as T.A.C.) to produce more voluminous offerings. What does the fit and finish on yours look like? does it have a brass inlay disk on the grips that has a fancy intertwined "PA" that looks suspiciously like a S&W logo? I have several of these pistols in the smaller calibers (32 and 38) that are actually quite well made and run on the higher end of quality of the Spanish manufacture. The 44 special is also a harder caliber to find in these revolvers, as the smaller calibers seem to have been more popular.

    In very good to excellent condition, the 32 and 38s run about $100 to $125, the 44s will fetch more in the $150 to $170 range.

    Of course, that is to the right collector!
  5. bigbore45colt

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    May 5, 2003
    Emmaus, PA

    Thanks for the are right with the grip medallion. As a matter of fact, when he pulled it out to show it to me, I thought, wow a triple lock! Then I realized it wasn't a S&W and I wanted to find out more about it.

    Where they good enough quality to shoot modern mild loads through it now?

    Thanks again, take care, and RKBA!

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    The current milder loads should be perfectly fine in these revolvers. You also have a plus in knowing who has had it for most of it's life, and can attest as to it's usage.
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