Identifying my Mosin

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  1. I have a 91/30. It has the star with the arrow. It is dated 1930. It has a hex receiver. I believe it's a Tula, but not truely sure. It's my first Mosin, so I'm still learning about 'em. I'll try to get some pictures posted in this thread if I can get my camera working. If anyone can help me out with identifying this rifle I would greatly appreciate it. Let me know if you need anymore info!
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    I have a 1929 tula that I mad into a modern looking deer rifle. Good shooters.
  4. I want to do the same thing with my next one. I'm going to keep the one I have original. Are you talking about the one with the camo on it in the other thread? If so, that is a sweet looking rifle. That's really close to how I would like mine set up.

    I was trying to take some pictures of it, but I can't get any close up pics without them being fuzzy. I might take it outside today and try in the sunlight. I think it will work better that way.
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    I assume that you are referring to the arsenal mark on top of the receiver.

    Being that it is a hex receiver it will more then likely have it's original arsenal mark underneath the tang.

    This is from a M39 that has on top of the receiver VKT 1944 but under the tang reads Imperial Tula Arsenal 1911

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