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  1. cycloneman

    cycloneman Well-Known Member

    Dec 16, 2008
    I am going to copy this for you but here is the link.

    Hold on to your seat and read this, from the mouth of Joe Biden.

    "No question the report is disappointing," Vice President Joe Biden said, while his boss was visiting the troops in Afghanistan.

    The bleak jobs growth picture was revealed just days after the Republicans in Congress blocked an attempt to extend unemployment benefits for some 2 million Americans, including 95,000 New Yorkers whose bennies run out New Year's Eve.

    Biden said the dire jobs report is yet another reason to extend the benefits.

    "Not only is it the right thing to do," it makes economic sense, and especially right before the holidays, when that money gets pumped back into the economy, Biden said.

    Unemployment insurance, he said, is a "powerful driver of economic growth."

    REally? Then i guess all we need is more unemployment checks to go out and the country will be living high on the hog. These people just dont deal in reality. They are so far away from what is real it isn't even funny. Unemployment insurance is a powerful driver of economic growth? What have you been smoking Joe???
  2. BETH

    BETH Well-Known Member

    Jul 10, 2009
    sounds like a little wacky weed

  3. Bobitis

    Bobitis Guest

    In 30 years, I've collected unemployment for 3 months.

    These folks have been on the dole for 2 YEARS!

    Is there ANY incentive for someone to look for work when they sumpin fo nuttin? 2 years? Really?

    I worked with a young lady that had 2 kids. Daddy was worthless.
    If she worked 1 minute of O/T her child care benefits were cut off. ZERO!

    So she makes an extra 5 bucks a month, and the gov takes away 400 bucks in daycare.:eek:

    Where's the incentive in that?:mad:

    You get penalized for trying to get ahead?:mad::mad::mad:

    MADNESS! Sponsored by the government.:(
  4. carver

    carver Moderator Supporting Member

    I say let's fire em all!
  5. cycloneman

    cycloneman Well-Known Member

    Dec 16, 2008
    its times like this when i think back to things like the dog needed its own plane!!!!

    Which DOG do you think i am talking about Pelosi or the actual dog?

    How screwed in the head do you have to be to think this way?

    They are saying that the 250.00 to 500.00 unemployment check that has to be printed from fake money (cause there is no actual money in the kitty) is a powerful driver of economic growth.

    YOU CANT MAKE THIS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. cycloneman

    cycloneman Well-Known Member

    Dec 16, 2008

    "Unemployment insurance, he said, is a "powerful driver of economic growth."

  7. Big ugly

    Big ugly New Member

    Feb 27, 2009
    Knoxville Tennessee
    We dont need hand outs we need JOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our economy is not gonna get any better without jobs. Period. Cut off the import of Chinese goods, Give the opertunity for new buisness to open. WE NEED THE MANUFACTURING BASE BROUGHT BACK TO AMERICA PERIOD.

    What in the hell is the matter with these dumb@$$ political morons, all of em. Both the Dems and Repubs are all focused on taxes or on funding. WHY!!!!!!

    With out jobs we cant get the economy right period. I worry about this every day to the point where I have ulcers anymore. There is no work anywhere. I kid you not I have 127 resumes and applications out right now that I have put in over the last 2 1/2 months and have got nuttin in return.
    No temp jobs, fast food, Retail, Gas Station, Quick Lube, Factory, Bar, Club, Strip club, Nothing.

    And sont think its cause I am not qualified. There aint nothing and hand outs is not gonna fix this. WE NEED JOBS!!!
  8. cycloneman

    cycloneman Well-Known Member

    Dec 16, 2008
    Here it is. I actually heard him say it on a news reel eariler today

    Biden laments 'disappointing' jobs report
    By Sam Youngman - 12/03/10 12:43 PM ET

    Vice President Joe Biden, filling in for President Obama, who is in Afghanistan, said Friday's unemployment report is "disappointing."

    National unemployment figures for November moved the rate up to 9.8 percent as the economy added only 39,000 jobs for the month. Economists had expected as many as 150,000 jobs would be added.

    Biden, appearing in the White House Roosevelt Room with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Office of Management and Budget Director Jack Lew and Biden's top economic adviser, Jared Bernstein, noted the economy is improving but said there is still more that needs to be done.

    "No question the report is disappointing," Biden said.

    The vice president used the occasion to push Congress to act to extend unemployment insurance events, saying it is the "right thing to do" and that it will help spur economic growth."It must be done before they leave town," Biden said.
  9. cycloneman

    cycloneman Well-Known Member

    Dec 16, 2008

    people are really getting pissed. I hear them on sat radio.

    Oh what part of "well i guess 9 to 10 percent unemployment is just gonna be the new norm" did you not understand.

    This is out the marxist handbook for dummies. This sob is going right down the list. It will be a miracle if we make it 2 more years. Thats what they want.

    They want you on your knees on the dole. They think your gona love them. These idiots think white america is content with hand outs. they dont get it.

    Go back to what Rev Manning said about the long legged mac daddy.
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  10. Big ugly

    Big ugly New Member

    Feb 27, 2009
    Knoxville Tennessee
    Leave Town, I got a friend who already got a job and jumped ship to Sweden, Another friend of mine who works in Norway said they got a vaccume they are trying to fill with workers and has invited me and the family to pack up and roll out too. This is the same friend who translated and gave me the background on my Trainer Rifle from 1937. Now I will do what it takes for my family to survive and if that means leaving the Socialist Liberals behind and head for greener pastures then so be it. I am so fed up with this Crap right now I can PUKE and I aint the only one. I dont want to get rich, I want to be stable and what we got right now aint stable. If it wasnt for lack of money my fat Hide would have already been gone and you can believe that.

    Sorry Cyclone I was typing this replay when you posted yurs, But pissed is an understatement. I aint gonna give you all my financial woes over the net but let me tell you this, I am glad my kids are young and with any luck they will forget about tese past couple of years, and I will have more for them next year you can bank on that, even if I have to leave the country to get it for them. Call me whatever you like but if opertunity knocks, TA TA.
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  11. carver

    carver Moderator Supporting Member

    Has anyone heard a word about repealing GAT, or NAFTA? Nope, and that tells me that these Republicant's don't get it! All of them are out to screw this Nation, just like the Demoncat's. Where have all our jobs gone? They have gone over seas, and if we don't get em back, we're screwed! Let's not cut the imports from other countries out, let's just tax the hell out of everything they ship to us. The high cost will make it possible for U.S. companies to compete, and will raise $$$ for the U.S. economy!
  12. cutter

    cutter New Member

    Aug 3, 2008
    They are dealing in class warfare!! That is why nothing is getting done. If they wanted more jobs they would lower taxes !!! We have the highest buisness tax in the world, lower taxes and more people go to work, but they want people dependent on Government, Control, control, control. You can't lead a free man!!!
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