If the stuff really hits the fan.

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  1. I live in an area of Florida that is prone to having a few hurricanes every few years and ones survival is based on how well prepared you are. I have about 45 days of rations, mostly MRE's, and other food items, fuel, propane etc. to support my immediate 8 family members. I also have a cache of guns and ammo that is sufficient to ward off any BG's for several months. I also have an enclosed trailer and 4X4 pickup to transport the survival cache if evacuation would become necessary. I am more afraid of the president and his henchmen than I am of the bad guys, I know what to expect from the bad guys but I don't know what to expect of the messiah and what action(s) he will take against us.
  2. pistolero57

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    Nov 30, 2009
    You are forrtunate on the one hand and very unfortunate on the other. You are fortunate because, in Florida, after how many hurricanes since Andrew(?), people probably won't look at you crosseyed when they find out you are stocked up. You are unfortunate because...well just read the novel "Alas Babylon" and you'll get the picture. If you're in north Florida you can easily escape to/hide out in Georgia or Alabama if necessary. If you're in south Florida OMG! Between Miami-Ft. Lauderdale and Tampa-St. Pete, unless you can masquerade as an alligator, you'll be toast.

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    Jun 24, 2008
    this is a tough question. right now i have a lever action in 45colt and a single action army colt in 45 colt that i would grab first. not the greatest choices i know but for me the handiest. i would insist my wife if i didn't elect to leave her behind :D, to grab my hi-power, it has served me well for the past 30 plus years on various different continents and the ammo is plentyful no matter where you go. and i would insist she humped my ishapore enfield in 308 along with 2 bandoleers of ammo. reliable as they come and battle tested.but thats how i feel this week next week i might change my mind :confused:
  4. new308handloader

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    Jan 11, 2009
    Maryville, TN
    1 friend right here and ready.....doesn't eat much and can shoot straight....just provide a battle ready rifle!
  5. piglatinhater

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    Dec 22, 2007
    Aks all the way. Theres a reason you see the rest of the world using them.
  6. hogger129

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    Nov 29, 2009
    One reason why the rest of the world uses them is because they are less expensive to produce. They are also a lot more durable and can adapt to different conditions easier. I'd say in terms of effectiveness and overall accuracy and performance, the M16/M4 is a better weapon. I mean really each has their pros and cons, but I'd say the M4 takes the Gold.
  7. pawn

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    Jan 31, 2007
    Crossville, TN
    SKS is probably the world's most under-rated battle rifle. IMHO, it is a better rifle than the AK (aside the AK having detachable mags). 7.62 x 39 can be had much cheaper than .223

    Opinions are like bellybuttons, we all have one. SHTF, I would opt for an SKS and put the money saved into ammo. Could be wrong, I frequently am. :eek:
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    Col. Oh.
    I agree with PAWN the SKS is under rated. Cost is low, ammo is cheap, and easy to find because of all the AK's. I also like my MINI 14, it's accurate and lite weight. These are guns for the field. For home, .357.....and 12 gauge.
    what more do you need? buckeye14
  9. hogger129

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    Nov 29, 2009
    Remington 700 30-06 with a nice scope. Long range sniper shots.
  10. cycloneman

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    Dec 16, 2008
    Most of the ammo i see in 7.62 x 39 is of the non reload type. Should shtf this ammo will dry up. Importation of this ammo will cease and probably long before shtf will happen. Domestic manufactures will not care about this ammo since they will probably be making 223 and 308's out the a$$. I think ammo is the biggest reason for your decission on what gun you may want to have. A gun without ammo is a paperweight.

    I like the way some people think. I see it all the time. A guy buys a pistol at a cheaper price and says something like "well I bought this cheapie cause I am only going to carry it in the car". What this person is actually saying is that in the worst position I could possibly be in, I will accept a cheap POS to defend my life with. Think about it, does your life not deserve the best you can afford? Also does your life not deserve a weapon you will allways be able to find ammo for?

    How much ammo is enough? When you think you have that one figured out, you dont.
  11. Because they cannot afford to fit all their men with M4, R4, FAL, G3, or an SA80.
  12. ski9393

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    Jul 29, 2009
    Wow. Looks like I opened a can of worms. A crappy plan is better than trying to play it by ear. You can never have too much ammo, and you will never have enough ammo (for the shtf situation), food, MRE's are great, stock up on them. When you run out, I hope you can hunt or fish. Water, maybe more important than food, hope that you have a semi clean creek near you and some way to purify the water you take outta the creek. In the case of nukes, I don't know what to tell you about the water, but you probably won't last long anyway, so drink up and hope for the best. I'm sure there will be alot you will have not thought of anyway, and have to improvise on the fly. I'm no dummy, but I can't think of everything.

    Alot of countries use AK's, because they are durable, cheap, and easy to use. Also, sometime ago, a small developing nation says "yeah sure we'll be Communists", and the former U.S.S.R. would send those rifles to them by the thousands.

    As far as home grown henchmen go, have a contingency plan. Cosmo up a rifle or two, can some ammo, case the cosmolined rifle and bury it or hide it or something would be my idea. Then when they show up to take your guns, you smile, say oh well I got rid of most of them, hard times you know, hand them a cheap pistol or something and insist that you don't have anything else. Then a few days later, go dig up your stuff and laugh at those a-holes.

    Currently I live in a small city. Any excuse to blow this popsicle stand is a good one. In the case of the pooh hitting the fan, I'm outta here. Like I said earlier in this forum, I'm going to the farm as quick as I can. I'll dig in there with my family, and hope for the best.

    I think I covered most of the points that had been brought up thus far. Merry Christmas, and ba hum bug to all!!
  13. Cautious Bob

    Cautious Bob New Member

    Sep 12, 2009
    I have to agree with SKI and Cycloneman: 1. Military surplus weapons are by definition going to be tougher, and function better in adverse conditions (like a mosin in 30 below zero weather, or an ak or sks in the mud). 2. "A gun without ammo is a paperweight". One needs a plentiful and continuous supply of ammo. Mil surp ammo for Mosin Nagant and AK/SKS is, at the moment, plentiful and cheap. The mil surp stuff is corrosive; so clean your weapon after shooting. 3. Mosin M91/30 s are available now for $89 from several dealers; Tokarev TT33 pistols (7.62x25) are selling for $199 +. Both are powerful, tough, reliable, relatively inexpensive to purchase, and, at the moment, have ammo supplies both plentiful and cheap. (Also, I.O., Inc. is making AK s in the U.S. now, so maybe American ammo mfgrs will have more incentive to make more 7.62x39).
    My humble opinion is that anyone concerned about the shtf is should buy a Mosin (long rifle or M44 carbine), and several spam cans of 7.62x54R for backup.
    Especially for the prices this stuff is selling for now, there's no reason not to.
  14. killbuck

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    My M1 Garand might be a little heavier than the new rifles but I'll take it any day for something like that if it ever happens. She's sighted in for 200 to 500 yards and I've got lots of rounds and clips for it not to mention the cleaning kit it needs. She's proven herself and I'll put my life in her hands any day.

    America is a land of taxation that was founded to avoid taxation. Milton Friedman
  15. Cautious Bob

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    Sep 12, 2009
    To killbuck: I love my Garand too; (really my favorite gun), and I have sufficient ammo, and supplies for it, and would trust it in combat.
    I'm just saying to get the (really cheap) tough Mosin and surplus ammo as backup in case the really unthinkable happens after the shtf...
    I doubt prices and availability will ever be any better than now.
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