If you had to choose a new ethnicity

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Crpdeth, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Crpdeth

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    Apr 23, 2002
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    Another spin off of previous threads. (I'm starting to like this.) :D

    If you HAD to choose a new ethnic group to belong to, which direction would you lean?

    I would most certainly want to remain IN America, but I would choose to become Japanese.

    There are so many reasons why, that I doubt that I will list them all, but I absolutely love oriental cooking although I have prepared a very limited amount of it personally... Japanese gardening is beautiful and I think it would be awesome to have lived under someone who had taught me all about it... Especially bonsai and water gardening.

    Physical fitness and martial arts intrigue me, although I do not consider myself accomplished at any of it, I do love to play with the nunchaku, throwing stars/knives, the bo staff, etc and have had a little (very little) training in hand to hand combat, but just enough to know that I would love to be raised in an environment where it was practiced often.

    I get the feeling that most possess a very modest "attitude", unlike the predominant "tough guy" attitudes that I see from a few different groups, yet extremely capable of taking care of business if it came down to it.

    Just a thought. :D

  2. TranterUK

    TranterUK Guest

    I would remain exactly what I am. It is an aspect I have never been unhappy with or wanted to change.

  3. Crpdeth

    Crpdeth Well-Known Member

    Apr 23, 2002
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    Nope! Not if you play by the rules...

    Come on...Play along...Nothing wrong with thinking outside the box.

  4. Haligan

    Haligan Well-Known Member

    Feb 25, 2008
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    I'd have to agree, Japanese seams to be an honorable culture.

    Except mabe for suprise attacks:eek::eek:
  5. Crpdeth

    Crpdeth Well-Known Member

    Apr 23, 2002
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    I did mean to put a disclaimer in there that I totally disagree with the way their Government acted in relation to Pearl Harbor and would like to disclude that cowardly act from discussion...

    Agree with you 100% there....

  6. Vladimir

    Vladimir New Member

    Jan 29, 2008
    Issaquah WA
    I think everyone knows what I would be :D

    Now that I've been there I know I love the history, the culture, yadda, yadda. I'm eight percent or whatever if you wanted to do it that way, what's another 92 percent. ;)

    I agree wholeheartedly that I would want to still be in America. More travel would be great, maybe have lived abroad for a few years or something, but either way would want to have grown up here or ended up here. Like they say, the sweet is never so sweet without the bitter. Or whatever the hell that saying is. :rolleyes:
  7. If I HAD to choose another ethnic group, I think it would most likely be the Germans. I admire their methodical and logical way of doing things and their expressive language . . . and besides, they build fine pistols and brew good beer. ;) Alternately, I think it would be either the British, whom I admire greatly for their "stick-to-it" attitude, or the Irish who understand how to party, but are also willing to fight when the chips are down.
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  8. TranterUK

    TranterUK Guest

    Ok, but just because you asked, South American Indian. They seem to live so at one with their surroundings, I get the feeling that's how it's supposed to be, man 'and' nature. Not as we are, man against nature. :)

    Hunt and work, enjoy your family. Who cares who has a bigger TV or SUV.
  9. mrkirker

    mrkirker New Member

    Jul 13, 2007
    I'm happy with my 'roots' German/Scots but if we HAVE :D to choose another . . . . . Polynesian.
    Great culture, great history, SEAFOOD!, & pretty nice part of the world in which to live.
  10. Marlin

    Marlin *TFF Admin Staff Chief Counselor*

    Sorry, crp, I agree with Tranter's original. I WOULD NOT CHANGE as I am happy with who I am.

    I would NEVER consider anything otherwise under any circumstances.
  11. Crpdeth

    Crpdeth Well-Known Member

    Apr 23, 2002
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    Your choice...


    You're a frog. :D

    Now hop along and be happy with who you are, thats what you get for breaking the rules. :D:D:D


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  12. Shellback

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    Jul 10, 2008
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    I would like to be a Kling-on or maybe Vulcan, ahh Kling-on first second Vulcan..
  13. rosierita

    rosierita Active Member

    Mar 13, 2004
    South Carolina
  14. carver

    carver Moderator Supporting Member

    Native American 500 years ago. Now that was the life! Considering the physical limits of my body today, I probably wouldn't have lasted long, but then again: If was born Native American 500 years ago, I would have had a completly different body!
  15. Crpdeth

    Crpdeth Well-Known Member

    Apr 23, 2002
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