(IL) Serial burglar out on bond shot by homeowner 08-09-03

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    (IL) Serial burglar out on bond shot by homeowner 08-09-03

    Another SERIAL BG "out on bond"............. and they wander WHY the heck crime is so bad????? It's the repeat criminals stupid!

    Once again an armed citizen does what our justice system failed to do.....

    Saturday, August 9, 2003
    Homeowner shoots man
    Apparent burglary attempt stopped near Heyworth By Kevin Simpson
    Pantagraph staff

    HEYWORTH -- A homeowner's shotgun blast wounded a Bloomington man and
    foiled what officials believe was a burglary attempt Friday afternoon in
    rural Heyworth.

    The burglary suspect, Shad Hammond, 24, of Bloomington, was being
    treated Friday afternoon for a shotgun wound at BroMenn Regional Medical
    Center, Normal. Hospital officials declined to release information on
    his condition Friday night.

    McLean County sheriff's police said his injuries were not

    "What it boils down to is the intruder was shot by the homeowner,"
    McLean County Sheriff Dave Owens said. "The intruder was taken to the
    hospital with a gunshot wound."

    Authorities are investigating if Hammond is tied to a series of area
    burglaries, including an attempted burglary near Funks Grove that
    startled a teenage girl Friday morning. Hammond has a criminal record.

    The rural Heyworth resident, Terry Hilton, was taken to the McLean
    County Sheriff's
    Department for questioning following the 1:30 p.m. shooting at the home
    on U.S. 136 three miles west of Heyworth, Sheriff Dave Owens said.
    Hilton was released without criminal charges.

    Hilton's fiancee, Susan Kemper, said Hilton was too shaken by the
    incident to comment.

    Hilton called 911 after shooting Hammond, who was found on the ground
    outside a rear door of the residence when police arrived, Owens said.
    Criminal charges are pending against Hammond, Owens said.

    Authorities reserved comment on whether the shooting was justified until
    the investigation is completed. A report will be forwarded to the
    state's attorney's office.

    "There are a lot of questions to answer and a lot of work left to do,"
    said Lt. Bonnie Serone of the sheriff's department.

    Authorities declined to release additional information about the nature
    of Hammond's wounds or other details.

    It is unclear whether Hammond was shot inside or outside the home. A van
    parked behind the residence was towed so it could be searched for
    potential evidence.

    Hammond also is a suspect in a Friday morning burglary attempt near
    Funks Grove. The suspect in that case startled a teenage girl at the
    residence before fleeing around 10:40 a.m. Sheriff's deputies searched
    the area for more than an hour without success.

    Authorities also are checking if Hammond was involved to a string of
    rural burglaries in McLean, DeWitt and Tazewell counties.

    Hammond was sentenced in 1996 to four years in state prison for
    burglarizing three Normal residences. He is currently out on $750 bond
    on a charge that says he tried to steal anhydrous ammonia -- a
    methamphetamine component -- near Hudson in the spring. The Funks
    Grove-area home is about five miles northwest of where the shooting

    Homes in that part of southwest McLean County are fairly isolated
    because of surrounding farm fields. A nearby neighbor wasn't aware of
    the shooting until notified by a Pantagraph reporter.

    "That really makes me nervous," said Heidi Spaulding, 24. "I've always
    locked my doors and windows, but now I'll be checking them a lot more."
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