Imfo on oesterr waffenfabr rifle

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  1. john wallace

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    Apr 7, 2006
    I have come across a oesterr rifle left hand side of gun reads oesterr waffenfabr - ges-steyr. barrel top reads patent m.1908 under barrel reads 5145 -05 -9 973 18. 5145 is stapped on bolt. barrel. stock.triger. guard. etc. I would say 5145 is the serial number.
    It has full wooden stock to barrel top twin triggers bore measures at top 6.5 mm and approx 12.5mm rear.
    Can any one help with history, age, bore size,etc.
    Kind Regards.
    John Wallace.
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    this should be in the "Ask the pros & what it's worth" forum.
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  3. SouthernMoss

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    I'll move it there for you.
  4. Xracer

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    Hi John.....welcome to TFF!

    Kind of hard to tell just what it is by the description you given.....but I can tell you that you have a rifle (or carbine) made by Steyr in Austria.

    It could be a Steyr or a Mannlicher-Schoenauer.

    Do you know what caliber it is?

    What is the barrel length?

    Please give us all of the writing on it....exactly as it's written.

    If you can post some photos of it, that would sure help.
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