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    So much better Pistol. Four more of our soldiers killed today in Afghanistan, including a female intel officer. And our government pays them the same as the traffic wardens. So thats all right then. :mad:
  2. No, it will never be "all right," my friend. Soldier pay is somewhat better for US troops, as you know, but even for them it is still well below what they deserve to be paid for the sacrifices they are called upon to make on behalf of the society they protect with their very lives. "Oh it's Tommy this, and Tommy that, and throw him out, the brute . . ." :(
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    May 10, 2004
    Raised in Buzzard Roost near Frog Town in hillls o
    Know full well the pay situation in todays military and in it almost 30 years ago. In 79 I joined the US Navy at a grand sum of $719 I beliegve a month and an estra $125 I think for BAQ being I nwas married. My 221 year old has been woirking on getting his weight downso as to join the US Army (he was a front lineman on the high school football team) and he is hoping on getting in this week or by the endof teh month at least. His entry pay is nothing to brag about BUT in an area (here in Kentucky) where there are NO jobs, at least he will be working as well as getting experience. Back in teh American Revolution, the troops were happy tpo get a slice of faat back, a 1/4 lb of grain, and a fire per day. many days went by when there was none of the 3 and it ws during the winter. Many had their families with them while on march, as many as 12 people slept in those VERY small tents as well. A soldiers life is a poor one indeed as well as a thankless one with exceptions of the few hoildays celebrating the armed services.

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