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    There are two men who are a huge part of my life, one being an uncle who I hunt/trap with, we both love to cook for family parties and just hang out...The other is a friend of almost 20 years now, we've been through a lot together, I recall putting my life on the line for him and I know he would do the same for me, we also hunt and trap together and spend time just hanging out knocking back a few beers and shooting pool.

    Both of these guys are super smart, but for some reason they feel the need to be a bit blind to the fact that people know how to do the simple things in life without their help.

    I'll give two examples, both times I had finally gotten a belly full and said something about it. My uncle and I had just gotten through packaging a hog that we killed and he says to me as I get ready to wash up, "here's the hot side, just get the water what ever temperature you want it and there's the soap...." My response was that "I know how to wash my hands dude!" and it ended laughingly and all that, but I'm sure through the course of the hunt and the processing that I had heard about all I could stand and I really wish I had driven home the fact that it is starting to get real damn old.

    Another time, and most recent, I was helping my friend, we were driving through a town I was unfamiliar with so the "turn here and turn there stuff" is expected and certainly necessary, but later, on the way home I hit "Go Home" on the GPS and it was dark, so the fact that I HAD DIRECTIONS NOW was illuminating the interior and totally obvious...But it didn't stop my narrator friend...I put up with it until he says "just ease around this corner here" WTF? I thought my head was going to explode as I said "Dude! If I don't, we are going to plow through that freaking building!" Again the situation dissolves in laughter, but I'm left wishing that a point was made.

    I'm the type of person who will ask for help and opinions when needed, I'm really not afraid to ask, I would rather do something the right way, the safe way, and get done a soon as possible, maybe that's why I surround myself with intelligent people, but although I'm not the smartest person you will ever meet (or even close) I do know how to drive and I do know how to wash my damn hands.

    Do you think this problem is something that people cant control? I mean, I know they have been told in the past (by their wives) to "stop being bossy" so certainly they have an idea that what they are doing is silly, but perhaps they cant stop? I dunno...

    I am afraid that it will wind up eventually destroying a friendship...That's what I'm afraid of, because both of these men are good people, either one of them would come running, right now, at 11:30 at night if I picked up the phone with a problem and I'd do the same for them in a heartbeat, but I just wonder how long I can take it.

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    Patience Donny, Patience. We old folk actually get worse with age so you young'ens have to remember to be kind.
    Smoky the elder

  3. In much the same vein, when I was a teenager my grandfather, who was a butcher, began teaching me the trade. I was something of a reluctant student and although I never went into the meat industry, I really did learn some great life lessons and was able to spend a lot of time with one of the most wonderful men I've ever known.

    I am one of those mutant left hander's and one thing that drove me up the proverbial wall was my grandfather's insistence that he had to learn to do things left handed in order to teach me. His efforts were actually very inept and accomplished little more than confusing me. I told him on far more than one occasion to just show me how he did things and let me figure out the rest but he persisted. At the time he seemed to view being left handed a handicap, and considering the time he grew up, when most left handed people were forced to be right handed, maybe he did. It doesn't matter.

    I'm very glad that even then I could see my grandfather was doing it out of love for me and I was hugely fortunate to have him in my life as long as I did. Now that I'm long way from adolescence and can look back with a bit more understanding, I've come to realize he was not trying to learn how to perform tasks left handed just to be able to teach me. To a small degree it was so he could understand me better, his way of being closer. But I have come to believe that the biggest part of his efforts were just for the sake of learning something new. It was a small way to keep the mind fresh and life interesting.

    Even though he frustrated me to no end at the time, I think my grandfather taught me more than I may ever realize.
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    Yeah, yeah... :D

    I'm with you on this...These two guys have taught me more (hands on, real world stuff) than I'd ever comprehend from a book. I also feel that I am fortunate to have them in my life, but at 37 years of age you do finally start getting pissed off about it.

  5. Understood, but appreciate them while you can. At just shy of 42 I miss both my grandfathers more every day and realize how lucky I was to have them.
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    I really do appreciate them, more than I could express here, in fact that is the biggest thing that is pissing me off (and the reason I took the time to vent on this board) because I know that a person can only take so much before distancing himself.

    The truth is (in my opinion), that even though they probably don't realize it, that it is condescending to constantly give instruction concerning simple day to day things... I'm left with the feeling "Do you think I'm a freaking twelve year old here?"

    I'm really wondering if it is kind of a "disorder thing" that they cant help.

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    Sometimes, we just have to say things out loud to prove that we really DO remember things more than 5 minutes. :D

  8. I have a couple friends the same way.

    They probably hated their fathers for doing the same thing.

    It's just a personality quirk....try to overlook it.

    It might have been their mothers that constantly corrected them.

    It's like an uncontrollably twitch......no big deal.....they probably aren't even aware their doing it.....:D
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    Sociology lesson:
    With men giving/taking instruction is a dominant/submissive thing really an adult/child or "super adult/adult thing. A "super adult" is an adult in a superior position, like a boss, police officer or doctor. Most older men understand this and forgo giving directions or mix in questions like "how do you do it? or will it work this way?" to avoid the invertible "pissing match". Some don't and it may be an unconscious way of retaining a dominant position or they just don't get it.

    Women on the other hand seem to regard it as nothing more than conversation which they are duty bound to keep going. That explains why they think nothing about giving you directions on a drive you have made hundreds of times.
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    I think we can all relate.. my dad was also a butcher in his early life and engineer in later life till retirement.. Sometimes he just drove me nuts with "got to be done this way"..
    But I would give anything to have him back for one more day to remind me how to do something..

    I often times remember something he told me and will think or say,, "yep, Daddy I remember" ;)
  11. My Mother in Law is a bit like that. She is not the smartest person, but she is so kind. She just wants people to learn from her mistakes. I say if you laugh at it, you can live with it. So when she starts getting on my nerves, I make a joke about it & pretend to disagree. She starts laughing & stops giving advice. :)

    I'd say you're lucky to have 2 close buddies. We all have our faults. :eek:
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    No offence to anyone making the other responses, but this is what I wanted to know...Thanks, Bill.

    Sociology, huh? Certainly sounds like a subject I would enjoy studying and it makes a lot of sense, although I'm left wondering why a man would feel the need to be "dominate" over a long time friend who is closer than any brother either of them have. At the same time I know that I am FAR from submissive, so the two traits (is that the right word?) mix like oil and water. At the same time, as stated before, I don't mind taking instruction at all, if I asked for it....

    I've had a little experience training dogs in the past and this kind of reminds me of the way one dog would place his paw on the back of another dog to show dominance.

    Truer words have not been spoken Bruce, I am indeed lucky, Somehow I became friends with a very small group of guys many years ago and we have all stuck like glue, I don't know why, but many people come and go, in your life and then every so often someone comes along and you just kind of click...Stranger still is the way this small group gets along as a whole.

    Indeed we all have our faults and one of mine may very well be that whole "Inability to be submissive" thing that Bill and I are talking about, hell I am half the problem, but I don't think I can do anything about it...I intend to attempt a research on Sociology, partly because I'm intrigued, but I really don't think there is enough knowledge out there to change who I am.

    Again, I wonder if "overlooking it" for another 20 years is even possible, especially as I get older... Is it any more possible than them taking a hint and changing?

    Good topic here guys, thanks for sharing it with me.

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    Since were talking about old friends...I guess I'll take a break from the serious stuff for a moment and post pictures of a few of us shooting pool tonight. We had a really good time even before the wet t-shirt contest (wont bore you with those shots), Sometimes you need to get out with friends and forget your worries and heartaches and just live for a few hours.

    Here's to good friends...

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    No, go ahead! Bore us!
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    I dont wanna get fired...Check your PM's. ;)