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  1. I don't have a nylon 66 but did want to pose this question to anyone who wanted to answer it.

    If i had a nylon 66 in Mohawk brown and wanted to change the color of the stock to black are these two stocks interchangeable with each other is it as simple as changing one color for another one.
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    Seems like (always assuming the ol' organic memory banks are working correctly) the stock is also the receiver. What looks like the receiver is just a sheet-metal shell. I'm sure you'd be able to put Mohawk Brown parts in an Apache Black stock, but you'd have to completely disassemble the gun and rebuild it in the new stock. I don't think it would be as simple as removing a couple of screws and switching the barreled action over to the second stock.

    Yeah, my memory was right. Here's how to tear one down.

  3. Thanks for sharing that step by step process,that is way to intense for me to attempt maybe when i get the chance to own a 66 i'll just get it in the color i want. I would be a raven manic if i tried to change out a stock and receiver for a 66.

    Thanks again
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    I just finished putting a 66 back together after it came to me in a sack. Trust me when I say that it aint for the faint hearted. Even with instructions on reassembly (sort of), there are a few tricks left out that will make you say bad things more than once. I realize they are very popular with a ton of folks and I am amazed at how long they will run but my personal opnion is that who ever thought up this design ought to have his cakes threaded and a plug installed.........and if you disagree, take a 66 in perfect condition but with a broken trigger return spring you have to replace. After you get it done, THEN tell me how you feel about it..........even with the above instructions.
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    ...agree with what gunplumber posted! I totally re-built one here a while back and what a time I had! I got the rifle used and in terrible shape and with broken, missing internal "parts" and thought I would tear it down and start from scratch. And in all reality, I'm glad I did...learned alot over 4 sleepless all-nighters!
    The books, the manuals can only show you so much, and the rest...well your on your own. The hardest step I found that gave me the most time to figure, was the cartridge feed throat. I had ALOT of help from the members here and without them, I sure would of had a harder time. Compicated, complicated...but do-able!