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Discussion in 'The Ammo & Reloading Forum' started by topper, Nov 22, 2008.

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    i'm a bit confused about something i have heard. i would like to know if .45 cartridge can be interchanged with .410 shotshell in the same gun? i saw a small 'derringer' style gun that a man told me was chambered for such interchangeability and i really did not think that was possible. anybody can straighten out this for me? does that mean a .45 bullet can be used in a .410 shotgun? not that i'm going to try it, but just for the sake of personal information i would like to know. seems kinda odd that the two different shell would be or could be used in the same gun. also, can a .38 cartridge be used in a .357 magnum pistol? i have heard this also a lot and i have not tried it or don't plan to, but again for personal information. thanks.
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    No, only on certain firearms, and not be confused with the .45 acp, here we are talking .410 compatability with some of the .45 colt chambers - often incorrectly referenced as "long colt" check out the taurus judge for instance..........

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    chamber dimensions of a .410 shotgun are very close to that of a .45 colt cartridge, Handgun manufacturers saw an opportunity to boost sales with destructive curosities such as the thunder five, and later the judge. Basically they 'relieved' a .410 chamber so to accomodate a .45 colt cartridge. due to the elasticity of the plastic shotgun shell, it will easily expand under pressure to fill the slightly 'overbored' chamber so as to safely fire a .410 shotshell, and still be large enough to fire a .45 colt shell. note that none of these 'overbored' chambers are long enough to accomodate a 3" .410 shell, thats because the pressure could potentially be too great for the large chamber to support. creating a huge liability problem. And if you are curious, a .45 colt shell will not fit in a regular .410 chamber and a .410 shotshell will not be properly supported in a .45 colt chamber despite the fact that it is too long anyways.
  4. JLA

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    The .38 can indeed be safely fired in a .357 mag. This is because the designer, the late and great Elmer Kieth based the .357 mag on the .38 spec. It is essentially a .38 spec. loaded to extreme pressures in a case that is 1/10 of and inch longer than a .38 chamber. this is to keep someone from inadvertently chambering and firing a .357 mag cartridge in a .38 spec. gun. ONLY FIRE .38 SPECS. IN .38 SPECS OR .357 MAGS. .357 MAGS ARE FOR .357 MAGS ONLY!!! This interchangeability also covers the .44mag, and its parent the .44 spec. The .454 casull and its parent the .45 colt (these can both be fired from the .460 S&W mag.) the .475 linebaugh and the .480 ruger (the linebaugh is the gun that can fire both) the .500 S&W mag. and the .500 S&W spec. Just be careful and use your head. all cartridges should drop right in the chamber, if one dont fit dont force it. It could be you ticket to a quick dirt nap...
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