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  1. I just read this commentary on

    I'm currently rereading "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich." I reread it during the campaign, and I've read it once since Barry was "elected." I read it numerous times during the Bush Adminstration. I noticed parallels during the Bush Administration (Patriot Act vs. The Decree For the Protection of the People and the State and the Law for Removing the Distress of People and Reich), but I notice a LOT more parallels recently (Hitler Youth vs. AmeriCorps and the GIVE Act's manditory "volunteerism", Obama's national security force vs. the various Nazi paramilitary organizations, SEIU and their "activism" at town hall meetings vs. the SA brownshirts, both having a compliant and fawning media at their command). As I read Hitler's speeches and proclamations, I can hear Obama's voice quite clearly. Anyone with any knowlwdge of history can plainly see what Obama is up to. Well, in all fairness, it's not just Obama. This has been going on for years, decades. But it seems to be coming to head right before our eyes. I still wonder WHY the liberals and the socialists are pushing so hard right NOW. They are patient. Very patient. The socialists have been slowly advancing their goals since the begining of the 20th century. So why push so hard NOW? (As an aside, the very fact that the socialists have been advancing slowly for so long in such an organized manner tells me beyond any shadow of a doubt that there are shadowy puppetmasters behind the scenes orchistrating all of this.) As I've said before, if they'd waited about a decade, then there would not be enough conservatives left to fight them because the vast majority of voters would be completely brainwashed by the liberal-controlled "school" system, as would their parents and possibly grandparents. So why now all of a sudden? It makes me wonder what the puppetmasters know about the immediate future that us unwashed peeons don't.
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    Sometimes, this gets so depressing. :(

    I will not give up or give in, but sometimes I do get a little overwhelmed. If it weren't for Beck, Levin & Rush I might lean in and take one for the team. :D

  3. You aren't the only one that gets depressed over this crap.

    I just realized, I bet this post really put me on a list somewhere:rolleyes: Meh, oh well.
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    Thanks for posting Mrs. Porters paper. Your observations are dead on. I've been wondering why the sudden rush too. There is too much coming together too fast. I guess we shall soon see.
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    My aunt's hairdresser is an older German lady. The hairdresser said that the scariest thing about Obozo is that he reminds her of Hitler.
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    That's kinda creepy. I think he's definitely got a hidden agenda. He also cannot tell the truth. I think he's a clone of Bill Clinton.

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    Clinton was (and is) bad........but Obama and his crowd are in another league altogether, and as such, are much more dangerous to America as we know (knew) it.
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    An older article, prior election, but on the money nonetheless. I've posted it before, we've a number of new members. This is a long read (internet wise), but very, very enlightening no matter which side of the fence one may be on and I offer only for evaluation of the individual reader. Of course there are those that will accept it based upon their beliefs and those that will poopoo it based upon theirs. One must read with an open mind and digest what is being offered by their own experiences and knowledge of past histories.

    (Edit: I of course am not offering that Obama is "a" Hitler. The basis of the article is the mentality of not only the person but of how it works the feeble minded.)

    BTW, Heck BCJ, I'm on so many lists now... I'm going for the Guiness Book of world Records. If being patriotic is a crime, I'll be out front with ya' and make it look like a parade. ;)

    To quote and add to Thomas Paine: "If we do not hang together" (in 2010 & 2012), we shall surely hang separately.

    Understanding Obama: The Making of a Fuehrer



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  9. Oh boy! We're gonna have a parade!!!!:D:D:D

    I've read that before. It's good to reread stuff like this so it stays fresh in our minds to be vigilant against King-emperor Barack I His Great Awesomeness and All-Knowing Teleprompter.
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    Tic-Toc, Tic-Toc. . . .
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