Iowa and Ron Paul...not as bad as we thought!

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    Positive Messages from Iowa

    Iowa went fine guys. While the result was not quite as quite good as we would have liked today, there are plenty of positives to take out of Iowa and we are in a much better position than many of our competitors. Below are some positive messages we should be using when we talk about Iowa to friends, family, undecided voters and the media.

    (1) Contrary to what some here believe, we did significantly outperform our polls, just as we had been saying we would do all along.

    According to Real Clear Politics, we were polling at 7.3% in the last five polls taken before the caucus (on average) yet, as of writing this, we are at 9.8%, meaning that we performed more than 34% better than we polled. That is a substantial overperformance—about twice as good as anyone else in the field.

    (2) Despite the fact that we put very little effort into Iowa until very late in the game and despite the fact that Ron Paul spent less time in Iowa than any other candidate (in a state where in-person campaigning is essential) and despite our shabby treatment by the mainstream media we still were just 3 points out of third place.

    (3) We destroyed former front-runner Rudy Giuliani—absolutely destroyed him with almost triple his vote total—and don’t be fooled—Rudy didn’t compete here because he couldn’t compete not because he didn’t want to.

    (4) The winner in Iowa, Mike Huckabee, is completely unacceptable to large portions of the Republican party from Rush Limbaugh to the National Review crowd. Iowa has a much higher percentage of evangelicals than will primaries coming forward. Huckabee ain’t going to win New Hampshire and has little national organization.

    (5) Meanwhile, of the other contenders, it was an unmitigated disaster for each of them. Despite spending tons of time and million of $ in Iowa Romney was crushed. And he’s going to lose to McCain in New Hampshire. McCain meanwhile, did not get the bounce that he needed from this performance. He is still low on cash and though he is likely to win New Hampshire it’s not obvious how he does well afterwards. Thompson’s performance was likewise weak given his sole focus on Iowa and his one time front-runner status. He is going absolutely nowhere in New Hampshire. He is also totally out of money. He may drop out of the race soon. Meanwhile Giuliani was embarrassed in Iowa and is toast going forward.

    (6) Exit polls suggest that we WON Independent Voters, who are the key crossover constituency that a Republican candidate is going to need to win in the general election.

    So where does that leave us? We have a wide open race right now. We are likely to be top 3 in Wyoming and we should also do fairly well in South Carolina and Nevada, where we have spent time building our base while everyone else was in Iowa.

    Virtually every other candidate is broke and with the exception of Huckabee, they won’t pull in more money based on their Iowa performance. Meanwhile, we have millions in the bank and with our huge grassroots base, we can easily raise millions more. That money will matter a lot more in states that, unlike Iowa don’t allow candidates to meet every voter. This is where we begin to use our finances to our advantage.

    We’re not going to have a clear winner going into Super Tuesday on Feb. 5th. Right now, we have a large funding base and the organization to get out our message and reach voters. Almost all our competition doesn’t because they have spent all of their time and money in Iowa and New Hampshire. While it is still an uphill fight for the nomination (as it always was, eternal optimists on this forum aside) we are coming out of Iowa in a better position than we came in and we are well placed to do some real damage in the primaries going forward.

    The Revolution Continues!
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    This reads like putting lipstick on a pig. I don’t like Huckabee and don’t think he will go far, but that doesn’t mean I will support a nutcase like RP. I won’t support anyone who is too stupid to know, whether we like it or not, that we are in a war, and withdrawing and pulling up the drawbridge isn’t the answer.

    Answering the question of who I don’t like is a lot easier than saying who I do like. I will let things shake out.

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    I am in agreement with Mr. Paul on:

    *Stem-Cell Research
    *Health Care
    *Gun Control

    We part ways on
    *He doesn't believe that any part of Social Security should be privatized.
    *He doesn't believe that the president should be given a Line-Item Veto.
    *We have major differences on energy policy.
    *He doesn't believe that their should be a Constitutional ban on Gay Marriage.
    *He doesn't believe that the Death Penalty should be used/expanded.
    *He doesn't believe, as I do, that teacher pay should be based upon the performance of their students.

    As far as the Republican side of the ticket, Mr. Paul ranks dead Last in my book.

    Duncan Hunter

    Iraq************************** Education
    Stem-Cell Research
    Health Care
    Social Security
    Line-Item Veto
    Death Penalty
    Gun Control

    Fred Thompson

    Stem-Cell Research
    Health Care
    Social Security
    Line-Item Veto
    Death Penalty
    Gun Control

    Mitt Romney

    Iraq************************Stem-Cell Research
    Immigration*****************Social Security
    Taxes***********************Gun Control
    Health Care
    Line-Item Veto
    Death Penalty

    John McCain

    Stem-Cell Research*********Marriage
    Health Care
    Social Security
    Line-Item Veto
    Death Penalty
    Gun Control

    Mike Huckabee

    Stem-Cell Research**************Iraq
    Health Care********************Immigration
    Social Security*****************Energy
    Line-Item Veto*****************Environment
    Death Penalty
    Gun Control

    Rudy Giuliani

    Taxes***************************Stem-Cell Research
    Health Care**********************Abortion
    Social Security*******************Line-Item Veto
    Death Penalty********************Gun Control

    Ron Paul

    Taxes****************************Social Security
    Stem-Cell Research****************Line-Item Veto
    Health Care***********************Energy
    Gun Control***********************Death Penalty

    I'm not worried about Mr. Paul. I caucused for Duncan Hunter, but I knew he didn't have a prayer. Never in history has anyone been elected president from the House of Representatives. Sorry, Mrrs. Hunter, PAul, and Kusinich, and only twice from the Senate, Sorry Mrrs. McCain, and Obama, and Mrs. Clinton. Pop Quiz: Can anyone tell me, without looking who those two were elected from the senate?

    As far as Agree/Disagree, the Democrats rank as follows, but the top candidate and I only agree on two issues, and they go downhill from there:
    Barack Obama

    Bill Richardson

    Joe Biden

    Hillary Clinton

    John Edwards

    Mike Gravel

    Chris Dodd

    Dennis Kucinich
  4. pickenup

    pickenup Active Member

    I'll stick with the nutcase that BELIEVES we still have a constitution.
    Unlike ANY of the rest.

    Does he have half a chance of changing much........don't think so.
    But he may be able to SLOW DOWN the path chosen for us, by the elite.

    The snowball is gaining momentum.
  5. glocknut

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    I think Ron Paul is making a call to an America that is long since been dead...
    Politics and peoples views kinda like a ship in the water...or even a person in a pool of water. Swift movements and changing directions are not done rapidly. You can apply force to move in a direction but water will only be moved about so fast...unless you have a tremendous ammount of force to apply to it. And in this day and age everybody has "at least" a slightly different opinion of things and its hard to get everyone to unite completely behind almost any idea being proposed.

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