Is it possible...loading 380s using 9mm dies.

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    Um from what I've seen of that monster you bought, no one here is gonna be able to tell you one way or the other. I've never even heard of it, and havn't seen any posts on one here either. Your just gonna have to try it and see. Like others have said, it can't be done with regular dies.

    Good luck
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    Feb 26, 2007
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    Post #7.. CJ posted above. Shows the dimensions of the 2 cartridges in question.. 9mm luger dies are ground to produce sized brass that will be shot in a 9mm luger. .380 ACP brass is not only shorter, it is thinner. it will not size in a 9mm die. your fired .380 cases will still be fired .380 cases from 9mm dies. you will be wasting your time.

    Im certain that is the definitive proof that it WONT work that you say has not been provided.. Need more difinitive proof.. Ive tried it. I reload both and just for S**** and giggles i ran some .380into a 9mm die. they wont size. they are already too small.

    Im 110% sure you will figure all of this out on your own shortly so im wasting my fingers posting this..

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    Did you look at the drawings I posted? The exterior dimensions don't match up. Those are the parts that the dies touch.

    Go ahead and try it if you want, but just load up a few and try them out. I don't expect you to have success, but please report back what you find. Maybe you'll surprise us.
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    Contact the guys at .
    They will have the answer for ya jdon.

    The folks at CCI should be able to tell ya too since Howell makes the presses that they use on their manufacturing lines.
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    Thanks again everyone.

    Jla and camping, refer to the first post...besides the sizing die...I know the sizing die will not work because it is different. Using new brass I think the other dies should work.

    Will report back.

    Binder, I have talked to Howell machine and that is why I am trying to keep costs down.
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    Sep 25, 2007
    New brass often needs sized. Not always, but don't be shocked if it doesn't work out for you.
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    Just go ahead and load up 5000 rounds......then test !

    " refer to the first post..."--jdon

    "I believe it should be possible, but any input is appreciated."--jdon

    Referring to the first post , it does not look like just any
    input is appreciated, but that's clearly my own view.
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    I'd like to see a picture of this machine. I couldn't find anything doing a search.
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    Bullets may seat crooked, and WILL seat inconsistently due to the excessive space in the die. You wont be able to crimp because the dies are ground to produce a taper crimp on a case that measures .381 at the mouth. the .380 is .373 at the mouth.

    Again.. Good luck.
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    It is more like the one on the bottom right. I will take a pic or video.
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    Holy cow! I have never seen any thing like that before, that is one heck of a reloading press.