Is Obama Really Preparing For Civil War?

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  1. the morning light

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    Sep 25, 2009
    Personally I don't think this is true! If it is true, that means President Obama does not trust us, his own people!

    Is Obama Really Preparing For Civil War?
    According to an obscure report in the European Union Times (, "Russian Military Analysts are reporting to Prime Minister Putin that US President Barack Obama has issued an order to his Northern Command's (USNORTHCOM) top leader, US Air Force General Gene Renuart, to 'begin immediately' increasing his military forces to 1 million troops by January 30, 2010, in what these reports warn is an expected outbreak of civil war within the United States before the end of winter.........
    by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

  2. SpazFreak1911

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    Aug 5, 2009
    New york city
    Yes cause Obama was put in power by the Galactic Federation of the Universe to Cause a Civil war so they can invade the country, then THE WORLD! MWAHAHAHAH!!!!
  3. PharmrJohn

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    Jun 15, 2009
    Western Washington
    Better stock up on wood and canned
  4. yellerdawg

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    Apr 5, 2009
    Just curious here...a business proposition....

    IF I canget unit cost down to 8 cents each..and prosime to sell them for
    at least $ 1.00 each..can I have the " TIn Foil Hat " concession rights..?

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  5. 22WRF

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    May 10, 2004
  6. Terry_P

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    Mar 23, 2008
    How many members does the SEIU have? He already has his para-military armed with Louisville sluggers.
  7. I'm not saying it's true (I mean, there would be serious logistical problems in moving that many troops to NORTHCOM, even if we had the actual manpower, which we don't), but I think that Obama is planning something. Like Glenn Beck has been saying, what's the Democrats' exit strategy? They have to know that if they keep up with ramming this socialist crap down our throats that they will not be reelected next year. They're acting like the elections don't matter or that they know something that we don't. THAT right there tells me that something is going on.
  8. the morning light

    the morning light Member

    Sep 25, 2009
    We all kind of know that the National debt is no longer sustainable and the only way to get out of debt is to crank up the printing presses and that will bring on hyper-inflation. So say the sh*t does hit the fan so to speak and everything collapses, no more social security, medicare, government pensions, military pensions, everything Zero! Unemployment is higher than the great depression, there are soup lines, stimulus still isn't working! What know? Welcome to the NWO?
  9. ponycar17

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    Feb 17, 2005
    South Carolina
    Unemployment overall isn't yet at the Great Depression's peak level of 25% in 1933 but some groups and areas are seeing nearly this much real unemployment. To me, the unemployment issue is needed for expanded Government takeover of all facets of our lives. That is why Obama's economic policies are about spending money without actually creating economic growth. He's putting on a good show with the stimulus because most people (don't act shocked) aren't able to think critically enough to see that 'shovel-ready' is laughable. He and his minions know fully that isolated pockets of temporary government job preservation and small job creation is but a flash in the pan. There's a rhyme and reason to what's going on. I believe that the only uncertainty is how long the public will sleep. With Obama's approval numbers tanking more quickly than any sitting President I believe the cat is just about fully out of the bag. I don't know if 'Civil War' is around the corner and I hope not but I believe that there is a silent war being waged on our economy by this Administration in order to benefit wealthy financial juggernauts around the world. Yes Toto, we're not in Kansas any more. :eek:
  10. Terry_P

    Terry_P New Member

    Mar 23, 2008
    If you add in those that stopped looking for a job then the unemployment is at 17% but you don't hear that on the media. The war will be at the ballot box with Acorn trying to stuff the box and the SEIU trying to intimidate voters. The american people aren't cowards and 2010 there will be change we can live with and who knows for 2012. If a candidate can develop a plan to stimulate the economy by lowering the tax rate then the deficit will start to lower and move toward a balanced annual budget. It will take surplusses over many years to get the National Debt under control and it isn't looking good particularily when we are fighting in Afghanistan and have a presence in Iraq.
  11. Big ugly

    Big ugly New Member

    Feb 27, 2009
    Knoxville Tennessee
    I have a friend that I speak with over the internet and he was telling me that where he lives the Media has been bashing the US pretty heavy for still sustaining a war while our Nation as a hole is goin broke. He lives in Iceland by the way.
  12. Hardballer

    Hardballer New Member

    OK guys, Yuck it up. While you still can. While you're all watching Monday Night Football or dancing with the stars, sticking your head in the sand, "They" are taking your lives away.

    Open your eyes. Wake up. Your not utilizing what little time you have left to do even remedial research to gain even a slight understanding of how much trouble is coming down the road straight for you.

    I don't mean in ten years or twenty years, I'm talking about next year.

    All I hear is a bunch of lip service and yakity Yak with no understanding and no gathered intelligence about what is really going on. Why not do some research. You're all just standing around wondering. I recommend knowing before speaking. So do some real research and then spout off about tin foil hats and cans of food and the latest unemployment figures.

    I'm still here for you but my wife says you're a lost cause. Sheep for the slaughter. Cannon fodder. Poodoo.

    I've made it fairly easy for anyone to find the truth, But you have to make the realization of where we are now and stop living in denial. It is not going to help you.

    Make all the jokes you like, buy or sell tin foil hats if you think you can. but ultimately, the joke will be on you.

    If you aren't getting ready for what is coming, even in a small way, you deserve what you get and you're just in the way. Add that up.

    If you are serious, and want proof, click on The Right Site and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes. I don't make anything off of your click and there are no advertisements on my site. Read what's on my site, truth be told, I'm only halfway down the rabbit hole. As my wife would say, there is nothing to fear but fear itself . . . and spiders!
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  13. the morning light

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    Sep 25, 2009
    Nice site Hardballer. And yes, our dollar is being propped up with smoke & mirrors and yes, I agree, we should prepare for our families. A lot of people did for Y2K and that was based only on a possible computer flop. This time it could turn out to be real, especially with all the signs pointing that way.
  14. LurpyGeek

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    Nov 30, 2005
    Your friend's nation doesn't have a lot of room to criticize the U.S. about how to run an economy.
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