Is O'Drama Bored? Does He Even Want a Second Term?

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  1. montezumaz

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    There’s no doubt President Obama’s liberal supporters are worried by his lackluster performance in the Denver debate. “Everyone is in shock,” one show-business liberal told the Hollywood reporter. “No one can understand what happened.” The Obama faithful are offering the White House advice, talking points, pep talks — anything to improve the president’s performance when he next faces Mitt Romney at Hofstra University on October 16.
    But for some liberal writers, the concern goes deeper. Perhaps Obama’s somewhat withdrawn demeanor at the debate was an indication that he doesn’t even want a second term as president.
    On the morning after the debate, The Atlantic ran an analysis headlined, “Snippy Obama, Whose Heart’s Not In It.” Writer Garance Franke-Ruta suggested that Obama, as an unusually sensitive man, has been worn down by the presidency’s demands of conducting war in Afghanistan and dealing with crises like the murder of a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans in Libya. “His supporters keep wanting Obama to be who he was in 2008,” Franke-Ruta wrote. “But that’s not who he is anymore.” Obama’s old enthusiasm for the job is simply gone.
    - Byron York
  2. gvw3

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    Oct 16, 2011
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    I can see that. When he came in he thought he could change everything and found out he can't.

  3. jedwil

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    Sep 11, 2009
    Texas Hill Country
    I think he's depressed because the Republic still exists and he wasn't proclaimed king last year. Darn Tea Party and Fox News ruined his initial plans.
  4. dbcooper

    dbcooper Well-Known Member

    I agree with John Sununu, (or however you spell it)

    Obama is lazy.

    I think he blew his wad on Hope and Change and even most of the stupid whites who voted for him out of White Guilt won't go back again
  5. jedwil

    jedwil Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Sep 11, 2009
    Texas Hill Country
    I guarantee the real power, those making this puppet, have not given up. They will be back.
  6. hstout1143

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    Jan 3, 2012
  7. steve4102

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    Jan 27, 2006
    Obama is an arrogant SOB. His problem wasn't about being prepared, it was about Him and who he thinks he is. He was annoyed and angry that He "The Great One" was forced to stand there on the same stage as this Capitalist Pig Romney.

    How dare anyone force me, Obama, to stand here and justify MY policies and accomplishments to anyone let alone a Republican PIG.

    In the next debates he is going to have to do some serious acting to loose the "how dare he" attitude.
  8. steve4102

    steve4102 Former Guest

    Jan 27, 2006
    Well what do ya know, Obama's own handlers feel the same way.

    "The Democrat said that Obama's inner circle was dismayed at the 'disaster' and that he believed the central problem was that the President was so disdainful of Romney that he didn't believe he needed to engage with him"

  9. stumpjumper

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    Jun 4, 2012
    right on the money steve
  10. Buckshot

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    May 5, 2009
    Southern AZ
    No teleprompter, no comment. He has been a carefully scripted package; created, funded, guided, and controlled like a skinny black Jimmy Walker marionette. This is the first time everyone has seen him for what he is when left to his own device - absolutely nothing.

    Those who own him, those for whom he was their chosen catalyst for change, must now be coming to terms with his fundamental lack of innate substance and ability. They can't be happy, and they won't give up on their vision for the country and the world, but they're going to have to find another way.
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  11. steve4102

    steve4102 Former Guest

    Jan 27, 2006
    They have fopund it! Voter Fraud, ACORN and Soros will count the votes. They don't need real people to win elections anymore.
  12. al45lc

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    Mar 8, 2010
    colorful colorado
    He was NEVER who Franke-Ruta and others thought he was, They simply saw the real deal on that stage when 'ol Obama let his mask slip and the incompetant man that he is came through.
    From the beginning, Obama was NOT qualified for the Presidency in ANY way, shape, manner or form.
    Worn down by war and crises? Good God, how does he think FDR must have felt in WWII? He's been through NOTHING like that, as his time on Golfing reveals.
    The man doesn't have, nor will ever have the intestinal fortitude that job requires, nor the diplomacy to unite Parties for most ANY cause.
    He's divisive, uncaring, and comes across as a skanky Con man when veiwed in ANY skeptical light whatsoever.
    The perception of Obama by the likes of Franke-Ruta and others of that ilk are simply due to the Lefty blinders they wear as part of their own self deceiving facade of eliteism.
    They're morons.
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