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    AN Iranian actress will be jailed for a year and lashed 90 times for starring in an Australian film production about the Western influence on life in the Islamic republic.
    Actress Marzieh Vafamehr was the main character of the 2009 feature film My Tehran for Sale, The Advertiser reported.
    The film was jointly funded by the South Australian Film Corporation and the Adelaide Film Festival.
    She was arrested in June after black market copies of the film began circulating in Tehran, showing Vafamehr in some scenes without an Islamic hijab which covers the hair and neck.
    Vafamehr's family had requested a Western media blackout of the case since her arrest but on Sunday the Iranian opposition website went public with news of the actress's harsh punishment.
    Adelaide co-producer of the film, Kate Croser, of Cyan Films, said the company had offered assistance to the family but would maintain a public silence on the verdict until it could determine if their wishes on Western commentary on the case had changed.
    "There is an appeal which could be lengthy and the family may still believe that public comment will be unhelpful because they are going through all the official channels," she said.
    "We can say the charges were that there was no permit for filming, which is not true, and that in some scenes Marzieh was not wearing a hijab and had a shaved head."
    Supporters of Vafamehr were yesterday meeting to offer support to the family, including organising an Australian lobbying effort through the film's Iranian-born director Granaz Moussavi, who now lives in Melbourne.
    The movie's plot is based in part on Moussavi's own life and that of her friend Vafamehr but also on stories the Flinders University film graduate was told when she volunteered as a translator at the Woomera detention centre.
    Internet images of officially administered lashings in Iran show victims being placed face down in a prone position and then being whipped with a long stick on the upper legs, back and buttocks.
    In 2008, Vafamehr, Moussavi and South Australian producers Croser and Julie Ryan filmed the movie in Tehran and brought the footage back to Adelaide for post production.
    Vafamehr plays the character of a young actress in Tehran whose theatre work is banned by the authorities.
    She is then forced to lead a secret life in order to express herself artistically while at the same time trying to migrate to Australia.
    The 2009 film was highly controversial in Iran only because it showed footage of uninhibited modernised Iranians at Western-style rave parties.
    Footage of those scenes would normally be censored by authorities for being subversive.
    Family First MLC Dennis Hood said he would contact Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd today urging the Federal Government to offer assistance to the family.

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    To give you an idea how foolish these liberal democrats can be, I recounted this article to an aformentioned female who knows of my feelings for mooslims and her immediate response was that their laws are than ours so she must have deserved it. I stressed what the punishment was and still she maintained her position. I could hardly believe it.
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    explain to her your glad she feels that way

    because when its her turn to be gang raped by these mutts she wont complain as they'll have to then find 4 male witness's to support her claim and that wont happen and if she does complain and she dont have the needed witness's she's is then classes as a whore ( having sex outside of slavery/marriage ) and should then be stoned to death asd decreed by the Sharia

    or ask her to watch this

    i've one where they cut off the hand of a 2 year old girl because she "stole " a toy meaning she picked up the pretty toy and did not pay ( how many kids of 2 understand commercial law ??)

    but off came the hand and it was filmed , look it up on truth tube .. with all the Allah akbars' going on while it happens , brave freedom fighters they are

    it was in east timor and the footage was shown on national TV in indonesia as a example to all the kaffirs of what is gonna happen if they dont learn the sharia

    even at 2 years of age , no one is excempt under islam ( unless you have high status and then you can claim you where "possessed by a djinn ( evil spirit) " and forced against your will to do what you did .. hahahahahahaaha
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