Islamic Shrine @ Quantico -ARGH!

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  1. :mad: The Islamic Shrine At Quantico Marine Base
    Posted by Douglas J. Hagmann on 2006/6/19 3:31:41 ( )
    Paid For With Your Money, Approved by the Occupants Of a Building Attacked On 9/11

    by Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

    19 June 2006: Earlier this month, top U.S. military leaders along with representatives of the Council on American-Islamic Relations dedicated an Islamic Prayer Center at the Marine base in Quantico. According to military officials, Muslims in uniform will now have a place to pray at the center until a permanent, more proper mosque is built in 2009. It is sadly ironic and lost on most that the plan to dedicate the prayer center and build a new mosque was approved by military leaders occupying a building that was attacked on 9/11 – the Pentagon – where more than 100 of its occupants were killed on that day.

    At the dedication ceremony, Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England praised the roughly 4,000 Muslim Americans now serving with the U.S. military, saying Muslims have a long tradition of service going back to World War I. He also congratulated the Marine Corps and Chaplain Corps for “seeing the need for a prayer center for Muslim Marines.”

    A closer look at those numbers is quite revealing, however. According to Stars & Stripes magazine, there are a total of 426 Muslims serving in the Marine Corps, and roughly 4,000 Muslims serving throughout all branches of the U.S. Military. The base at Quantico, however, has only 24 Muslims serving at this location. Based on the numbers cited, along with the seemingly forgettable fact that we are at war with Islamic fundamentalism, it would be prudent to identify the individual behind the idea of the prayer center and mosque at this location. That individual has been identified as Navy Lieutenant and Muslim Chaplain Abuhena Mohammed Saifulislam.

    Following the attacks of 9/11, SAIFULISLAM, a native of Bangladesh and a self-proclaimed Sunni Muslim was assigned to the Guantanamo military prison, where he successfully lobbied the Pentagon to issue Qurans and prayer rugs for each prisoner. He also successfully lobbied for prayer beads and special Islamic halal meals for each of the prisoners, and further insured that the prisoners are awakened each morning with calls to prayer over loudspeakers according to Islamic tradition. Lt. SAIFULISLAM served as the personal chaplain to the prisoners, talking to them in Arabic and Urdu, languages SAIFULISLAM fluently speaks.

    Lt. SAIFULISLAM attended an Islamic school in Virginia that is well known to espouse and teach the Wahabbi Doctrine and was raided by federal authorities following the 2001 attacks. In spite of his past associations with Islamic centers known for their orthodox beliefs, SAIFULISLAM insists that he is a “moderate.” Nonetheless, one of his mentors, according to a June 13, 2006 article written by Paul Sperry at, is Taha Jaber Al-Alwani, an unindicted co-conspirator in the terrorism related case of Sami al-Arian.

    As Paul Sperry so adeptly points out, the Pentagon “is giving him [SAIFULISLAM] a permanent, taxpayer-supported platform from which to convert grunts to Islam. With the Quantico Mosque, the pentagon is facilitating the study of the holy texts the enemy uses, heretically or not, as their manual for war.”

    Such acts would have been unthinkable during WWII, yet the disease of political correctness has infected every aspect of western thought. To the delight of our enemy, we have acquiesced to nearly every demand placed on us since 9/11 to prove our respect and tolerance for an enemy that is entrenched in our society. Sadly, the citizens of the United States are paying for this now – and more sadly, if we do not immediately recognize what is happening and change our course now, we will be paying for this in a larger sense for generations to come.

    "Argue for your limitations and sure enough,
    they're yours"

    Can things get anymore ridiculous? Only if they spend more than 100K. :(
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    No comment since I don't want to get worked up and leave SoMo a widow..... :( :( :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

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  4. I don't even have to post, for ya'll to know what I'm thinking.
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    Burn it down! NOW! With them in it!
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    Jul 18, 2006
    Freedom of Religion
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    Where is the ACLU on this? If it was a Christmas tree it would be all over it. :mad:
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    Theres also a synagogue at Quantico. Should we burn that down as well?
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