It's a start chicago. now NY

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    Mar 8, 2010
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    Two things, did anyone notice the Posner quote in the Sun-Times had a comment (in parenthesis) about the the evidence of protection being "inconclusive"?
    How's that for a lefty slant. Inconclusive? Every State that passed CCW has seen a drop in violent crime, every single one.
    Most of those States have also seen a drop in accidental shootings, despite an increase in gun ownership.
    Secondly, the idiot House Leader Curry stated she hoped the State would "appeal".
    Uh, Ms. Curry, that WAS the appeals Court you dummy, it's finished.
    The Supreme Court ruled on the 2nd, historically speaking the Supremes have rarely ever heard an appeal against one of their own rulings, especially after it was already heard and upheld by a lower Federal Court.
    The State's A.G. remained silent the article states, well of course, the A.G. knows better.
    This is what you get with some of these morons that are Law makers.
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    May 26, 2012
    I hope you guys get something like Ohio has, I can carry almost everywhere unless Ive had a beer.
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