Iver Johhnson/Erma M-1 Carbine 22 RF

Discussion in 'Technical Questions & Information' started by MchMfrn, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. MchMfrn

    MchMfrn New Member

    Mar 10, 2004
    Fort Smith,AR
    I picked up one of these critters at a gun show about two years ago and have just now got around to trying it out. Anyway I had problems with the bolt failing to close, I had to tap the bolt handle to get it into battery. I suspect that the spring maybe weak. This was with a clean action so it shouldn't be a fouling issue unless these things are extremely picky. The previous owner had "cleaned it" in some way that left a gray residue and steel wool fibers everywhere. I wish I had field stripped it at the show but I didn't have a screwdriver and somethings just aren't done.
    Gun Parts Corp. is out of stock on parts for it, so I am asking for help.
    1) Is Erma still in business?
    2) Does anyone have the spec's (I did a site search and all discussions were several years old)
    3) Anyone have experience with these?
    4) Any suggestions?
    5) Anyone want a nerotic IJ/Erma (it thinks its a Viet Nam era M-16)
    Mike Franklin
  2. Xracer

    Xracer *TFF Admin Staff Mediator*

    Hi Mike......welcome to TFF

    To answer your questions:

    1) Bad news and good news. The bad news: your rifle was made by Erma-Werke which went into bankruptcy in Oct. 1997. The good news is that it was bought out by Erma Suhl, GmbH which is still in business. However, I can't seem to find an address for them.

    2) Try Google for the specs.

    3) Nope, not personally.

    4) More Good News/Bad News. The Good News: I've found out that the EM-1 Carbine was imported and distributed by Mandell Shooting Supplies in Scottsdale, AZ: http://www.switchboard.com/Guns_and...066-127/Fire_Arms_Scottsdale_AZ/Merchant.html

    The Bad News: Their website is no longer operative: http://www.mandallshooting.com/

    If it's just a case of a weak bolt return spring, you should be able to take it a gunsmith and have him fit a stronger spring to it.

    Looks like you've got a real orphan......might as well try to get to work.

  3. MchMfrn

    MchMfrn New Member

    Mar 10, 2004
    Fort Smith,AR
    Thanks for the information. I was afraid that I had adopted an orphan, so off to my local gunsmith I go, Besides I need to get a front sight staked on to that 45 slide.
    Anyway thanks again Xracer and have a good day.
  4. Jay

    Jay Active Member

    Mar 26, 2003
    It won't fix the spring, but if you're interested in a copy of the original manual for the EM1, send me your address via e-mail or PM, and I'll send you one.

  5. Hi gang! I'm another newbie to TFF. Even though I'm a Fiala fan, i also collect .22rf look-alikes of the big boys. Things like Lugers, P-38s, Thompsons, Russki PPsH, etc. Below is a picture of three M1 carbines. Kinda' hard to tell the Erma from the real thing. TOP is Inland GI .30carbine. CENTER is Erma .22rf. BOTTOM is Crosman BB, circa 1970 and unfired. FFF
  6. dougr

    dougr New Member

    Feb 28, 2006
    Please contact me about your gun
  7. Jay

    Jay Active Member

    Mar 26, 2003
    Here's a couple of scans that I finally got completed containing the parts list, and an exploded drawing for the EM-1. There is also a basic spec page in here too.

    Erma EM-1 parts

    Erma EM-1 info
  8. Joecko

    Joecko New Member

    Aug 14, 2007
    Please send ma a copy of the owners manual for my Erma EM1 Carbine 22 Cal Thank's Joe My E mail is Cracco @bnl.gov. Again Thanks
  9. Jay

    Jay Active Member

    Mar 26, 2003

    The two links in the post immediately before yours has all the info I have on the rifle.

  10. jdburl@sbcglobal.net

    jdburl@sbcglobal.net New Member

    Dec 27, 2008
    I need a slide for the Erma Em1. I am having a heck of a time finding the part. Can someone help?
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