Iver Johnson 32 break top?????

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  1. errn

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    Aug 15, 2008
    I just got an beat-up, but whole and functioning, Iver Johnson pistol. The top strap is marked, "*IVER JOHNSON'S ARMS & CYCLE WORKS
    The wooden grip is a single round with flat bottom and fastened to the frame with a single screw through the bottom.
    The serial number A (or H) 44007 is stamped on the forward left of the grip frame, it would be covered by the grip. The number 44007 is stamped on the trigger guard.
    There are no other markings on the gun that I have found.
    The cylinder is removed by turning to a slot in the retaining ring at the front of the cylinder.
    The hammer spring is a captured coil over rod.
    It is chambered for six rounds, and a 32 S&W long round fits well. I have not yet fired it, but it appears it will be safe to fire, although I will probably buy a set of dies and hand load some very mild plinking loads for it.
    Oh, yeah, the rifling is intact but a bit rough--someone forgot to clean this gun, or they were shooting loose screws through it!!
    Basically, I just want a bit of information about this gun--unless it is really unusual I'll play with it for a bit, then throw it in a cabinet and forget it most of the time.
    thanks for any help,
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    Dec 30, 2003
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    this is a large frame third model safety automatic hammer revolver, the caliber is 32 S&W Long. serial number H44007 was manufactured in 1922, with 13,400 of this model being manufactured that year. all third models were designed for smokeless powder so if in good shootable condition you should not have any problems with modern 32 S&W Long ammo. the one piece walnut grip was a factory option only offered on the third model it the catalogs it was called "the western walnut grip". according to a 1922 price list the standard large frame in 32 S&W Long cost was $10.00 one ordered with the standard barrel length (3 1/4 inch) and "western walnut" grip cost $11.25. the price also increased by $0.50 and inch for longer barrels.

    the 1922 catalog listed the large frame 6 shot 32 S&W Long model under the model name "32 Special". the total number manufactured in 32 S&W Long is unknown but i would guess about one 32 S&W Long for every 100 38 S&W. suprisingly this is just the oppsite in the Harrington & Richardson Auto-ejecting revolver that was iver johnson's main rival.
  4. errn

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    Aug 15, 2008
    :):)Thanks much for the information on my Iver Johnson. I'll be getting some ammo and trying it out sometime soon:p;):eek:. Looks like I may have to go to Kansas City for the ammo, though. I'll let you know if it shoots better than minute of barn.
    Again, thank you!!
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