Iver Johnson 32 cal serial information

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  1. hiram392

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    Sep 11, 2012
    I have looked through quite a few of the threads here concerning these guns. Just can't find what I need.

    It is a nickel plate, pearl handle 5 shot 32 cal pistol w/ hammer. It is a break apart unit. double post rear sight. Has Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works on flat leading up to the front half moon blade sight. There is a 5 etched on the trigger housing. Trigger mechanism is not plated. On the butt of the grip it is marked June 16, 96 Aug 25, 9* (*= unable to determine if this digit is a 6 or 8) PT 6 04 PAT. Pending. The serial number under the grip on the left side is as follows: S 68487. The spring in the handle is a leaf type, rather than a coil and the cylinder is free wheeling.

    Overall the gun is in good to very good operating condition, with slight flaking of the plating on the barrel near the front of the cylinder opening. All mechanicals seem to be free and operate as they should.

    It has been fired in the last 6 mos. (10 rounds) of 32 cal acp ammo. Based on what I am reading here, this is probably not a good thing. I have a couple of the shells that came with the gun. They are fully jacketed w/lead bullet. Text around the rim of the casing is REM-UMC 32 S&W

    Any further information I may glean would be appreciated.
  2. hrf

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    Apr 1, 2008
    Welcome to TFF.

    You have a small frame black powder .32 made in 1908, the last year before upgrades for smokeless powder ammo.

    Use of current smokeless powder ammo will tend to loosen the lockup and could cause more serious damage.

    It should especially never be fired with .32 ACP rounds.
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