Iver Johnson Model 1900 Target revolver Question

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    I am presently restoring an Iver Johnson Model 1900 target revolver with the 6" barrel. It is serial # C11670 manufactured in 1929, and designated as a model 69. I have found that the standard parts for a model 1900 will not fit this revolver. Case in point is the grip frame. On this one it is .38" thick, compared to the .35" thick grip frame of the "Supershot Sealed 8", although the same grip is supposed to fit. The trigger guard is another problem.
    My question is; Due to the fact that the year of manufacture for this revolver is the same year that I.J. introduced the model 69/79, could this impact on the interchangeability of the parts between the models? :confused:
    Old Gun Guy
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    Dec 30, 2003
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    i believe the problem lies with trying to fit top break (22 supershot sealed eight) parts into a solid frame revolver (model 1900 target). even though they may look the same i have found the solid frame models and the top break models do not interchange very well. even the over size wood grips are a little different.

    for interchangable parts for the model 1900 target look for the regular model 1900. all the early parts catalog seperate the the two types of frames.
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