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  1. dino1

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    Apr 20, 2009
    can anyone one help....i have a iver johnson revolver ser. #4211 under top strap....with the word SWIFT on top of top strap....with the words IVER JOHNSON & CO. WOROESTER, MASS.U.S.A PAT.D APR.6.86.MAY10.87.OCT.16.88. PATS PENDING....it has the black olw's head grips with the owl's heads facing the front....the action works perfectly....it appears to be a .38 short but i am not 100% sure on that....appreciate any info./help with this gun....ps. whats it worth....not that i am going to sell it or risk shooting it regards...... DINO1
  2. b.goforth

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    Dec 30, 2003
    houston, tx
    the "SWIFT" revolver is a rare iver johnson manufactured revolver there are no know serial number records for it but all that have shown up seem to have only a four digit serial number without any letter codes. the only dating that can be done for now is the years of production 1890-1894. the SWIFT revolver was the first to use the owl grip logo. it was basically the parent of the safety automatic revolver introduced in 1894.

    HAMMER & HAMMERLESS MODELS---------------------------1890-1894
    One frame size, one caliber, nickel finish, hard rubber grip panels (with Owls head at top) Only sold through J.P. Lovell Co., marked on barrel top rib with patent dates and “Iver Johnson Co. Worchester Mass., marked on barrel top strap with model name “SWIFT’ Caliber: .38 centerfire; Cylinder capacity 5; Weight hammer, 16 7/8 ounces hammerless 17 7/8 ounces; Height 4 1/8 inches; Frame length 5 1/8 inches; Overall length 7 7/16 inches; barrel length 3 ¼ inches. DOES NOT HAVE HAMMER THE HAMMER ACTION
    VALUE: HAMMER MODEL RARE 100%=$450 60%=$275
    VALUE: HAMMERLESS MODEL VERY RARE 100%=$500 60%=$325


  3. dino1

    dino1 New Member

    Apr 20, 2009
    Hi bill....many many thanks for the excellent info. on my I.J. revolver....but i am a little puzzled by the spelling of the city name of worchester mass..... as the way it is spelled on my gun is ....woroester mass....is this the way they pronounced it & spelt it back in the 18th century???....does this provide any more info. as to its exact year of production maybe???....regards Dino1.....
  4. hrf

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    Apr 1, 2008
    There is no WORCHESTER, MASSACHUSETTS: The correct spelling is WORCESTER, and the 2nd O you're reading is probably a deeply stamped or corroded C.

    (And pronounced "woostah" or "wistuh" by the natives...)
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  5. dino1

    dino1 New Member

    Apr 20, 2009
    thanks HRF for clearing that up....you are right as i checked up on it on the RAND MCNALLY atlas (as i should have done before replying to bill) it is WORCESTER MASS....but since then i have viewed it using a microscope & i guess that the armorer who did the original stamping made a "FUBAR" as the 4th letter is definatly an O not a deeply embeded C as you sugested... at least this makes it a bit more unique eh!I guess it slipped thro' their quality control if indeed they had any at all in those days....but many thanks for your input....regards Dino1
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