J. Stevens Ideal No. 44

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    Sep 18, 2012
    I posted this a few days ago to find out what it was and a value. With the help of the fine experts on here, I found out it is a J. Stevens Ideal No. 44. It was my father-in-law's uncle's gun and was used for "shooting varmints in the backyard", so I don't think it was fired a lot. For as long as I can remember it has been wrapped and stored indoors. I'm reposting it to see if there is any more input and also to ask your opinions about what the best way to sell it might be. I would rather have the money sooner rather than later, but if an online auction would be the best route, I would do that. Someone mentioned the Rock Island Auction House and I am checking that out. Rather than reposting the pics, I will ask you to refer to my post below entitled "J. Stevens A&T Co., PAT APR 17 94, 22 LR, condition and value?"
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    I would suggest finding a dedicated single shot rifle site to list this on in their classifeds. Two I know of are bcpr.net and AASRA.

    Condition is everything in valuing a rifle. The 44 was in production for a fairly long time and unless you have a special variation you won't be retiring on the proceeds. The other consideration is that the Stevens 44 1/2 is in more demand as it is a slightly stronger action than the 44.

    A standard 44 in average condition won't bring more than a couple 100.
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