Janet Napolitano the Hon Chair of Homeland Sec

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    Watching Hon. Napolitano on the budget process there are some concerns about where the security of this country is headed...
    Homeland Security has a huge budget going forward and after the Christmas day airplane bomber of 2009. America we have some problems. Not only is the buget extremely large. Leadership appears very weak.

    The only thing that was clear from the public hearing. Pa Reps made it clear that they wanted nothing to do with Guantanamo detainee coming to trial or jail in Pa.

    The other thing the the Homeland security committee seemed clear on was that they would like to be notified B4 press releases are given on announcements.

    The Texas Reps. wanted to know why arrests and convictions were down 50% on illegals. While boarder patrol enforcement agents are being laid off. Bureaucrats are on increase.

    Janet Napolitano shares the skill sets of others from the admin to dodge questions and avoid direct answers to important issues.

    Do you feel secure under this administration for your family?
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    Feb 9, 2010
    What I know as an employee of DHS is our budget was reduced by 125 million and we are required to find ways to reduce it by 40% before the end of the year. There has not been any layoff in Border Enforcement. Illegal alien arrests are down because of the lack of jobs in the US. They are returning to Mexico but drug loads are at an all time high. I guess Mexico has to supplement the income that isn’t coming south from all the illegal workers that are no longer in the US. I agree that I have no confidence the new leaders of DHS. We used to hire from people who worked their way up the ranks, now they are appointed and it seems the government looks for the most liberal inexperienced losers to destroy us from within.
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