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    Oct 22, 2008
    Just found this in my mother-in-laws basement. My wife's paternal grandfather was at Guadalcanal and in the Korean conflict. He is gone now, but I suspect he picked it up in Guadalcanal. I understand that it is most likely a civilian version of the naval dirk because of the rice pattern on the handle. Sheathed it is about 19" long. The blade is about 14." Wire-wrapped rayskin grip, machine made chrome blade. Scabbard is rusty, but not rusted through. Can anyone give me info on this? Value? Rarity? I'll try and attach pics.

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    Jan 14, 2010

  3. It looks like an Imperial Japanese Navy Dirk, but would have the Imperial Mum and arsenal marks on it. The bayonet scabbard is not the standard issue Type 30 scabbard that would be used, but bears an odd resemblance to the scabbard that came with the Japanese NCO sword. These were arsenal made "samurai" type swords with a cast handle. They were, however about 26" long and curved . TJ
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    It should have the Imperial Chrysanthamum on it. I brought back a Japanese bayonet with a "sawtooth" back also with Imperial markings. The sawtooth is no good for sawing and might make withdrawal difficult. Nasty looking piece anyway. During the occupation, we had a Japanese, a former N.C.O. give us a demonstration of their bayonet tactics. Using that hooked bayonet guard, he flipped an M-1 right out of my hands. Their longer barreled rifle was an advantage in that circumstance.
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    Feb 12, 2011
    Could it of been a ''personal'' item that someone took into battle...they sometimes did that as dad told us...my dad was on Guadalcanal Nov14 1942 to sometime in Jan 43...his ship was sunk on Nov 13th 42 and was floating around the bay for a day until Marines picked him and the other shipmates up....

    very cool heirloom
  6. stede

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    Jan 14, 2010
    Whirley, can you post a picture of the Japanese bayonet with a sawback? I know of none maufactured by or issued to Japanese forces... thanks!
  7. I was not aware of a Japanese Type 30 saw back bayonet. I would love to see a picture of one. TJ
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