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  1. John1 S

    John1 S New Member

    May 6, 2010
    Has anyone used a Jard trigger, how do you like it. Thinking about put a 1 lb. on a ruger 77/22.
  2. LDBennett

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    Dec 20, 2003
    Hesperia, CA
    John1 S:

    While it may not be relevant to a JARD trigger in any 22, I put an adjustable JARD in my AR-15 clone. It was not a good move. When the JARD trigger was adjusted for a good let off it was not safe and when adjusted to be safe it was not good let off (lots of creep). I eventually went with a Rock River adjustable two stage trigger. But the bottom line is the JARD was NOT impressive and I'd not buy one of their trigger for any gun again. But others may have had a better experience than me and especially with a JARD trigger not for an AR (??).

    The best 10/22 trigger I have found is the Volquartsen. I have one in my 10/22 with their barrel and stock. It is laser accurate nearly matching my Anschutz bolt gun, (Silhouette Model 64 receiver with fully adjustable two stage trigger). Both shoot groups near or less than 1/2 inch at 50 feet off the bench averaged over at least five 5 shot groups.

    I installed a Clark trigger for a friend in his 10/22 and I had to stone it to get to come close to matching what the Volquartsen trigger parts did out of the box. I was NOT impressed by the Clark trigger parts.



    Sorry, I missed that it was a 77/22 not a 10/22 but I'd still look at Volquartsen for trigger parts if they make them.
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  3. Chinook

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    If you are building a bench gun, a 1# trigger might be alright, but if you are varmint hunting, or general hunting for that matter. Even general target busting... I would want a little bit more. Like 2# or so. I do like a little bit of "take-up" or creep, but it needs to be consistent, smooth, and short. Like less than .025" ideally. But here is a link giving info about how to modify the trigger, and sear on a Ruger 77-22. It is a simple trigger group to work on, but remember. Start on the heavy side. The majority of the 5 thousand dollar benchrest guns I see, still carry more than 16 oz. of pull. Just something to think about is all! But this is the resource that helped me get my 77-22 dialed for general Varmint huntin. It sits with a 31 oz. trigger pull, and .022" of proper "take-up", measured off the hammer, and sear. Good luck man! Let us know how it turns out if you decide to get a Jard!

    Ruger 77-22 Trigger Tuning!
  4. John1 S

    John1 S New Member

    May 6, 2010
    Thanks for all the INFO. I like a very light trigger with very little creep. I did put a YoDaves trigger kit in a CZ 22 cal. and have it set on 4 oz. and love it. The CZ will have a .375 group at 50 yards. Just didn't see a YoDaves trigger kit for a 77/22 any where. I'll let you know it the jard work out. Be about 2 weeks.
  5. Chinook

    Chinook New Member

    Right on! Heres a little more info, and another product all together.
    My friends daughter works in their shipping/recieving dept. and thats the only reason I even found out about these kits! I have not yey played around with installing one, but I do know of a couple, that attends the rage Im a member of. Both of their 77's have these installed. They said it was a deadly simple, drop-in, and the feel is superb. Definetly not a quarter-pound light, but still, I'm sure its fairly adjustable. Check it out a lil bit. LDBennett has a very valid argument tho. I have not heard of a single good review for the Jard AR triggers. This means nothing really, 'specially since were are talkin the differences between an AR platform, and the 'ol Ruger...But I would be a little wary to begin with when dealing with Jard. Just make sure that the components dont interfere with the factory action. Safety is number 1, as we all know. Hope the Jard works out if you so decide to purchase one!

    Dayton Traistor Adj. Trigger for Ruger 77-22 rifle
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