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    Dec 25, 2006
    Hello, my name is Sara Beth and I am trying to find any information about my Grandpa's muzzleloader. My Grandma purchased it at an antique dealer. We do not know how much she paid. What we do know is that is has “jas golcher” & “philada” engraved by the trigger. There is also some other things engraved. It is around a 35-caliber muzzleloader and that is about it. It has been hanging on their wall 43 years. Unless the other grandkids were playing with it. We took some pictures to show what it looks like. Therefore, if anyone has any idea where it came from and/or around how old it could be.




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    Hi Sara Beth......Happy Holidays and welcome to TFF. :)

    That's a beautiful percussion rifle....and it looks to be in excellent condition.

    Is there any other writing on the rifle? On the barrel perhaps?

    James Golcher might have been the rifle maker, or he may have just made the lock. In he 1800's, many small rifle makers purchased their locks from established lockmakers and made the rest of the rifle themselves.

    Here's what I found on Jas. Golcher....





    Hope this helps....

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    That's a mighty fine looking piece, Sara Beth !!!!!

    Glad to have you at TFF.

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