Jericho 941

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  1. azroaddust

    azroaddust New Member

    Any input/experience/comments on the Jericho 941 (or one of the variations thereof)?

  2. gpostal

    gpostal Former Guest

    Feb 20, 2003
    Jericho 941 was developed by IMI, Israel. The index "941" comes from initial chambering of this gun - it was shipped with two interchangeable barrels and magazine sets - one for 9mm Luger, and another - for more powerful .41AE (10mm) cartridge. But .41AE didn't catch the market, so this version was discontinued, but lately IMI introduced Jericho in .40SW and in .45ACP.
    Technically, Jericho is a locked-breech, recoil operated firearm, patterned after famous CZ-75. Jericho manufactured with steel or polymer frames, with some different models available: 941 - basic model double action, with slide mounted safety and decocker; 941F - double action, with frame mounted safety and no decocker; 941FS - double action, short model with frame mounted safety; 941FB - double action, "baby" model with frame mounted safety; 941FBL - "baby" model with frame mounted safety and polymer frame; and 941PS - Police special - with frame mounted safety, single action trigger and built-in compensator.
    All Jerichos reported as very reliable and accurate handguns, and very comfortable to fire.
    IMI widely exports these handguns. In the USA, they are marketed under the names of "Baby eagle", "Uzi Eagle" or even "Baby Desert Eagle". They also used in Israeli Defence Forces and by Israeli Police.

  3. azroaddust

    azroaddust New Member

    Thanks, GP. They don't seem to be the easiest sidearm to locate, so I was cusrious if that was because they were unreliable or what.

    I now need to locate one and see how it feels.

    I appreciate you input.
  4. gpostal

    gpostal Former Guest

    Feb 20, 2003
    i would go with the C-Z ,same gun but i would bet much better quality control during manufacturing
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