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    Aug 2, 2006
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    Is it possible to jewel a rifle bolt at home? what equipment would i need? What is the basic process? I thought i would like to customize my old .22 rifle with a new bluing job and a sling and refinished the wood. now comes the tough part...jeweling the bolt action. any help is appreciated.
  2. Helix_FR

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    The most important thing that you need is a drill press. Don't bother trying to do it with a hand drill. You'll also need a jeweling jig of some sort of a straight edge table with increment marks for the jig to ride on. Brownells and Midway both sell one but they are pricey for what they really are. You can make one your self if your the handy type. Most jeweling jigs are made for Mauser action bolts. Rimfire bolts can be tricky to mount but it can be done with some imagination and simple parts. The last and most obvious is a jeweling device. This can be either using a small wire brush and lapping compound or the Menick? device which is a abrasive embedded rubber rod. Both work equal but the Menick tool is easier to see your work progress.
    Search out bolt jeweling, there are many sight that show the process and what you need.

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    I've got an old "home gunsmithing" book, where he uses valve-grinding compound and a pencil. Has the grinding compound on the pencil eraser.
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    Thats basically the premise of the Menick tool. i may try that myself for S&G.
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