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  1. paul73

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    Feb 12, 2009
    I recently purchased a 22 cal Jimenez pistol. When I fire it it jams after 2 or 3 shots. I used CCI Mini Mags HP. Any ideas that might help? I e-mailed the co. but have not received any reply.
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    Is the pistol clean ?

    Is the mag in good shape ?

    Have you tried different ammo ?

    When was the last time the recoil spring was changed ?( if the pistol isn't new)

  3. Alpo

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    When Bryco went belly-up, the plant foreman, Paul Jimenez, bought it. Renaming the gun the Jimenez, he makes the same garbage. The Jimenez JA22 is a Jennings J22 under a new name. That's the main problem. You recently bought a piece of junk. I know that's not what you wanted to hear, but that's what it is.
  4. Hammerslagger

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    Jul 30, 2009
    Thamks Alpo. I was wondering what a Jimenez was. Paul73 will discover that Alpo is one of the more knowledgable posters here.

    Actually, from a mechanical engineering point of view the J-22 had some interesting refinements and was of time tested German (later Italian) design modified to actually work somewhat reliably in caliber 22LR., and for economical and modern manufacturing manufacturing techniques.

    The frames and slides are likely made of SAE 900 series zinc alloy which is stronger than polymer (plastic) and very almost as easy to die mold.

    The big problem with these pistols is that they over many years they had very bad quality control. The early models of the Jenning J22 (Serial # under about 90K) tended to close up their headspace and go full auto, of even worse fire in ones trouser pocket if carried with a chambered round. They need to be fitted with a new slide and striker.

    Obviously, I have considerable experience with this pistol design. I own several. For potential liability reasons I will not sell or otherwise transfer possession of one. Nor will I work on one that I do not own.
  5. I must agree with all of you on the point that the jimenez/jennings/bryco guns were mostly crap. I have a few of these guns and none of them were impressive when I got them. I also must agree with Hammerslagger in that they are a prity cool designe from an enginering stand point. simple and effective if they could get their QC in check. I have found that the main problen with these guns is that many of the parts are not made to the manufacturers own specs. some of these can be fixed with some carefull grinding and some of them require replacing parts. (Most of wich can be found on Numrich or brownels for a few bucks.) I have not encountered one of these guns that I could'nt make shoot decent. I have heard of some of these guns that have faulty castings and slides breaking and other such horrer stories, but of the four that I have handled, I have not experienced this. If you want to spend some time working on one of these guns, there are web sites that have the specs listed on them that can be found by googleing the modle you have. The most important thing I would say about these guns is don't trust the safty. It will get you hurt. Also, if you do try to do some work on yours, DON'T MESS WITH THE SEER. you won't make the triger pull any better, and you will make the gun dangerously unpredictable. If you don't wont to mess with your gun to get it right, and you don't know any one who is capable and willing to do it for you, I recamend disasembling the gun and selling the parts on e-bay or to a gunsmith who can use them. ( if you can find one who will admit they work on these cheapies.) smash the frame with a hammer or something because it's not worth the liability of trying to sell it. Bottom line is I would't trust any of these guns for self defence, even if I have gotten them mostly reliable. But they can be fun plinkers that I'm not woried about scratching up or leaving dirty. I don't feel bad about sticking my JA 9 in a zip lock and taking it on a kayak trip. Thing I would never do with my barreta or sig. Good luck, hope you can make use of your littel 22, even if it is as a paper wait.
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  6. There are several other people on this board that know more about these little guns than me and have been able to offer me assistance in the passed. If you serch some old theads I'm sure you can find some info on fixing your JA-22. Also loke for J-22 threads as they are basicly the same gun.
  7. Hammerslagger

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    Jul 30, 2009
    Crashmobile44 is new here (as am I); and he knows what he is talking about relative to the designs of Mr, Jennings. {Free info Uziel (Uzi) Gal bought a "Raven 25" to study for engineering purposes. It was recently auctioned off for its historical value.}

    Any original J22 under sreial # about 89,000 has the potential to close its headspace up from firing and become very dangerous. Needs a new slide and striker.

    I have a warm spot in my heart for the J-22. It was been my "chump money" maker for many years. A competent shooter who can turn out scores of 196/200 (98%) Timed Fire with a Match Target pistol like a S&W 41. can easily turn out 150/200 (75%) with J22 that actually had a decently rifled barrel.
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